Pearl Necklaces

Assael is renowned for the world’s finest single- and multi-strand cultured pearl strands and pearl necklaces. Explore our lustrous Akoya Pearl and South Sea Pearl designs, including timeless chokers, ropes, and modern lariat styles.

Assael cultured pearl necklaces are available in classic and contemporary lengths. Our luminous pearls are hand selected, so each necklace is one of a kind—expertly matched and hand-strung by our Master Pearler.

When it comes to Japanese Akoya Pearls, Assael’s quality and selection are unsurpassed. Choose the pearl size and necklace length that suits your personal aesthetic best. Akoya Signature Strands range from 14” to 16” chokers to 36” ropes, and longer on request.

As North America’s foremost purveyor of rare Gem South Sea Pearls, Assael offers one-of-a-kind South Sea Pearl necklaces of unrivaled beauty. The matching process for each natural color pearl necklace can take months, or sometimes years, to complete.

Indulge your senses in a luxurious necklace of South Sea White, Golden, or Tahitian Black Pearls, or mix all three.  Discover kaleidoscopic Fiji Pearl Necklaces…exotic and intoxicating in their shapes and colors. And consider Baroque South Sea Pearls, the “perfectly imperfect” non-round pearls now leading the fashion world’s Pearl Revolution.