Baroque Pearls

Baroque South Sea Pearls are non-round pearls beloved for their “perfectly imperfect” organic shapes. Experience the sensuous curves of Assael South Sea Baroques—a dreamscape of multicolored luster.

The word “baroque” comes from the Portuguese word “barroco,” which refers to a pearl with an elaborate shape. It was during the Baroque Era that these non-round pearls were first used in jewelry, echoing the luxurious excess of the period’s art and architecture.

Organically shaped Baroque South Sea Pearls come in almost all varieties, including White South Seas, Golden South Seas, and Tahitian Black Pearls. With their lustrous, mirror-like surfaces, Assael South Sea Baroques are among the largest of our Gem Cultured Pearls, available in sizes of 20mm and larger.

In the past few seasons, Baroque South Sea Pearls have taken center stage on international runways…iconic pearls that transcend time and trends. Add a touch of edginess to elegance with an Assael South Sea Baroque Pearl choker…or make an eclectic statement with a single Baroque Pearl on a silken cord.

“Baroque pearls are particularly having a moment right now and look amazing as pendants or a statement-making ring.” – Town & Country Magazine