Angel Skin Coral

Beloved since ancient times for its feminine beauty, Angel Skin Coral belongs in a rarefied circle of extraordinary gems. It is, quite simply, beyond rare. Discover our exquisite, responsibly sourced Angel Skin Coral, ranging in natural colors from a whisper of pink to vibrant orange-pink.

Angel Skin Coral, or “pelle d’angelo” in Italian, is the romantic name for the light pink coral found in the seas around Japan, Taiwan, and Hawaii.  So rare is this remarkable Precious Coral, a strand of perfectly matched beads can sometimes take decades to gather.

Not long ago, Christina Lang Assael discovered a pristine trove of Angel Skin Coral which was legally harvested well before it was restricted—a cache of raw vintage coral of unparalleled quality and beauty. This Precious Coral now stars in thrilling new Assael designs, many of which are accented with diamonds and gemstones.

“Coral is making a stunning comeback,” says Vivienne Becker, esteemed jewelry historian and fashion editor of Financial Times’ How To Spend It magazine. “The gemstone used in the very finest of fine jewellery doesn’t, in fact, come from endangered coral reefs at all; it is an entirely different species….”

Ever since the establishment of a special Coral Commission in 2014, fishing and harvesting of Precious Coral is now strictly regulated and protected. Mrs. Assael serves on this international Coral Commission, ensuring that only sustainable Angel Skin Coral is used in the creation of our fine coral jewelry.