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The Pearl Choker Necklace – Every Woman’s Wardrobe Essential

The fantastic Haute Couture fashion houses keep us all on our toes, excited to peruse our favorite publications every month, discovering which necklines or hemlines are currently “in.” But one thing that stands the test of time in this wonderfully dynamic world is the pearl choker necklace. Let’s explore why and how the single pearl strand is an absolute essential in every woman’s wardrobe.

That Gorgeous Glow

Assael Pearl Choker Gorgeous Glow

Clockwise from Upper Left – Dior A/W 2019-20, Adeam A/W2019-20, Andrew Gn Paris Fashion Week, @silviafurmanovich one of the world’s most important jewelry buyers Sheikha Moza wearing a spectacular single strand of pearls and a Silvia Furmanovich belt, Assael Classic Tahitian Cultured Pearl Necklace, Assael Classic South Sea Pearl Necklace, Assael Classic Golden South Sea Pearl Necklace

Pearls are nature’s gift to all of us, no matter where we live or what age we may be. Pearls are the simplest and most complete of all gems – nothing needs to be added or cut away for their natural, organic beauty to shine through. They are also universal – pearls look great on everyone. No matter the skin type, the luster of cultured pearls can make the face glow. The radiant sheen of the natural substance called nacre – the organic material that makes up the pearl (click here to learn more about nacre)- reflects light upward towards the face, giving the wearer a little extra brightness. Pearls also light up the eyes, enhancing the “windows to the soul” in a captivating way. Women throughout history have adorned themselves with pearls for this reason. And the effect is not limited to white or champagne pearls. Golden pearls and Tahitian pearls also have a luminous luster that works beautifully with many different skin tones.

Magnificent at Every Age

Assael Pearl Choker Magnificent Age

Clockwise from Upper Left – Assael Classic South Sea Pearl Necklace, Zooey Deschanel, Angelina Jolie, Dame Helen Mirren, Assael Three-Row Akoya Pearl Necklace with Diamond Clasp

Another beautiful thing about pearls is that they are always relevant. As Coco Chanel famously said, “Fashion fades, style is eternal.” Pearls have that perpetual sense of sophistication. No matter what fabrics, silhouettes or motifs are en vogue at any given moment, pearls are always appropriate. They are never too formal, never too casual. And unlike many accessories, the pearl choker necklace or single strand of pearls can be worn at every age. Click to here read more about how to look magnificent in pearls no matter your stage of life.

Regardless of ethnicity, size, age or height, pearls look great on everyone. Younger ladies tend to wear pearls high on the neck as a proper choker. More mature women often wear a short single or double strand up near the face, draped across the collar bone. And nothing brings a fresh air of youthfulness to a classy senior like a strand of larger pearls or a lustrous jumble of multi-strand pearls worn close to the chin for an extra boost of glow.

Sustainable and Durable

Assael Pearl Choker Sustainable

Clockwise L to R – Adeam A/W  2019-20, Assael Fiji Pearl Necklace, Waters of the Savu-Savu Bay in Fiji

The pearl necklace is also a wonderfully durable part of your fine jewelry wardrobe. It never tangles and it is easy to keep in pristine condition. When properly restrung every few years, a strand of high-quality gem pearls can last a lifetime and beyond. Unlike some other gemstones, pearls are the opposite of fragile. Because they are low maintenance and so incredibly enduring, they become a trusted and treasured part of your jewelry box – ready whenever you need to add a little spice of elegance to your outfit. To learn how to keep your pearls as lustrous as possible, check out our pearl care guide here.

As the planet’s most earth-friendly jewel, pearls also have some feel-good factor. According to Departures magazine, “Pearls just may be the most sustainable gems in the world. You see, oysters need pristine water conditions to produce high-quality pearls.” The pearl farmers are stewards of the sea, doing everything they can to protect the ocean environments where their pearls grow. So not only can you wear your pearl choker or single pearl strand necklace with delight, you can also wear it with pride.

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