Sardinian Coral

Vibrant…chic…versatile...contemporary. Assael Sardinian Coral is prized for its all-natural crimson color, unusually large size, and consistency. Revel in the fiery beauty of our responsibly sourced Sardinian Coral…the perfect complement to important fashion trends around the world.

For centuries, red coral from the Mediterranean has been venerated for its deep, rich hues The beauty and symbolism of its natural red color and its branch-like organic shapes appealed to our ancestors…and the fascination continues in modern times.

Today, Assael is North America’s premier purveyor of exquisite, ethically sourced Sardinian Coral. Our unsurpassed collection of Natural Color Gem Sardinian Coral is unenhanced by man, without colored wax or additives.

Explore our selelction of Sardinian Coral strands, hand selected, matched and strung by Assael masters. These powerful adornments bring the unparalleled vitality of red to any outfit, working their magic with neutrals and bright colors alike.

Sardinian Coral earrings by Assael include classic and modern fringe, drop, and button styles, many with sparkling diamonds and colorful gemstones. Expect the unexpected in The Colors Collection, including  a stinning bracelet of red-orange Sardinian Coral beads, juxtaposed with a cool aquamarine and diamond clasp.

Assael’s longstanding commitment to the sea and the environment means that only ethically and legally sourced coral is used in the creation of our Sardinian Coral jewelry.