Pearl Pendants

From a delicate Akoya Pearl drop to an ultra-rare Natural Melo Melo Pearl in a diamond cage, Assael pendants celebrate the glory of the perfect pearl. Make one of these singular sensations your own today.

Begin your pearl pendant journey with Japanese Akoya Pearls. Accented with diamonds, Assael Akoya Pearl pendants are feminine and refined—the epitome of everyday elegance. A lustrous Assael pendant necklace makes a treasured gift to mark life’s special occasions, including graduations, engagements, weddings and anniversaries.

Discover also magnificent South Sea Pearl pendants: our classic LaFeuille Pearl and Diamond pendant, a popular choice among modern brides; a colossal Baroque South Sea Pearl suspended from a silken cord; and our exclusive series by designer Julie Parker depicting some of the world’s most endangered animal species cast in 18K gold with large South Sea Pearls.

In the past few years, the pearl pendant has taken center stage on international ready-to-wear and Haute Couture runways. It’s often shown as an anchor piece for the popular and eclectic layered look. Enjoy your Assael pearl pendant layered with one or more of our Akoya Signature Strands…and add chains, charms and talismans for a collected-over-time designer look.