Coral Rings

From a Sardinian Coral Bubble ring by designer Sean Gilson to an Angel Skin Coral cabochon surrounded by diamonds, our Precious Coral rings make an unforgettable statement. Indulge yourself or someone you love today.

Is there anything more elegant than an Angel Skin Coral and diamond cocktail ring? Whether worn as a ring-hand ring or even as an alternative engagement ring, a Precious Coral ring by Assael is the epitome of feminine style.

Not long ago, Christina Lang Assael discovered a pristine cache of Angel Skin Coral which was legally harvested well before it was restricted—a trove of raw vintage coral of unparalleled beauty and quality. This Precious Coral now stars in extraordinary new ring designs, many of which are accented with diamonds and gemstones.

No two Precious Corals are exactly alike, so each Assael coral ring is truly one of a kind. Consider Beyond Rare Angel Skin Coral with shimmering diamonds or paired with red, pink or multicolored lavender spinel. One contemporary masterpiece features a cabochon of orange-pink Angel Skin Coral set into another cabochon of grey chalcedony. Divine.

Note: The House of Assael’s longstanding commitment to the sea and the environment means that only responsibly sourced coral is used in the creation of our Precious Coral rings.