Coral Earrings

Precious Coral earrings deserve pride of place in your Fine Jewelry wardrobe. Explore our unsurpassed selection of Beyond Rare Angel Skin Coral, Natural Color Sardinian Coral, and exuberant Sciacca Coral designs.

Earrings are the most collected and beloved of all jewelry designs. More than any other jewels, they instantly signal our individuality and style through the shapes, textures and colors we choose. So it’s little wonder our talented designers are inspired by rare Precious Coral, responsibly sourced by Assael. These organic gifts from the sea provide a gorgeous palette from which they can create, often with sparkling diamonds and colorful gemstones.

Discover the world’s most exquisite coral earrings, including rare Angel Skin Coral cabochons surrounded by diamonds… crimson Sardinian Coral drops with diamond accents… orangey-red Sciacca Coral multi-strand twists …and Sardinian Coral Bubble Earrings by Sean Gilson for Assael.

The design team at Assael is known for pairing Precious Coral with diamonds and colored stones in unexpected combinations. Consider sizzling Sardinian Coral with cool blue-green tourmaline or aquamarine and pale pink Angel Skin Coral with green garnet, red zircon or spinel.

Note: Assael has long maintained a deep commitment to the sea and the environment. Only ethically sourced Precious Coral is used in the creation of our fine coral earrings.