Pearl and Coral Care

assael pearl care

In order to maintain the beauty of your Magnificent Pearls and Exquisite Coral, please wear them frequently and handle them with care.
Protect your pearls and coral by keeping them in the specially designed pouch or case given to you at the time of purchase, or one with any soft cloth surface.
The best way to clean your pearls and coral is with a soft, chemical-free cloth. Please do not use ultrasonic cleaning devices or cleaning cloths treated with chemicals.
Avoid contact with cosmetics, lotions, perfumes and hairspray, as well as household cleaners and harsh chemicals. Do not over-expose to strong light or dry heat.
We recommend and offer complimentary restringing of your pearls and coral once a year. Your jeweler will be pleased to arrange this service for you!

Peggy Grosz
Senior Vice President