Tahitian Black Pearls

Natural Color Tahitian Black Pearls were first introduced to North America in the 1970s by Assael founder Salvador J. Assael. Discover their mesmerizing overtones of pistachio, aubergine, and peacock blue—a thrilling kaleidoscope of color and light.

Many pearl lovers consider Tahitian Black Pearls the most sophisticated and romantic of all South Sea Pearls. Ranging from light grey to silver-grey to black, their very name conjures up dark and dream-filled nights in French Polynesia, and the tropical Tahitian waters from which they come.

The medium-sized oysters (Pinctada Margaritifera) that produce Tahitian Pearls have black-rimmed shells which result in black-, green- and magenta-toned cultured pearls. These rich all-natural colors are mysterious and complex; a perfectly matched Tahitian Pearl necklace can take years to assemble.

Choose a choker of Assael Tahitian Black Pearls to wear high on your neck…or a multi-strand necklace for a more eclectic layered look. Celebrate your playful side with Tahitian Bubble Earrings by Sean Gilson for Assael. And revel in The Colors Collection, which pairs Tahitians with carefully curated gemstones that coax the subtle colors from each magnificent pearl.

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