Aka Coral

To own a necklace of deep red Aka Coral is a privilege shared by only a very few Gem Coral collectors. Aka Coral, also known as Oxblood Coral, is the rarest and most valued of all Precious Corals. Embrace the dark and mysterious beauty of Assael Aka Coral…one of the most mesmerizing of all nature’s gifts from the sea.

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Aka Coral entrances Precious Coral lovers with its all-natural red to extremely dark red color. Found in the waters off Japan, Okinawa, and Taiwan, Aka Coral is responsibly sourced by Assael, North America’s foremost house of exquisite Gem Coral.

Assael’s necklaces of perfectly matched spheres of Aka Coral, so deep and even in color, are nothing short of astonishing. Each of course is one of a kind, and both have a dazzling diamond clasp. The 28” necklace features 14 diamond rondelles, tucked between the dark crimson beads.

Please note: Corals used to create Assael coral jewelry do not live in the same ecosystem as endangered reef corals. They are found and responsibly fished in far deeper waters. These deep-water corals have been designated as Precious Corals by CIBJO, the World Jewellery Confederation, distinguishing them from endangered reef corals closer to the ocean’s surface.