Natural Pearls

Pearls are known to be the first gem used in jewelry, dating as far back as 420 BC. They were not cultivated by man until the end of the 19th Century. All of the "famous" pearls owned by international royals, maharajas, celebrities, and socialites throughout history were indeed Natural Pearls. Today, however, Natural Pearls are rare...and those appealing enough to be used in Fine Jewelry are exponentially more rare. These beautiful Natural Pearls of the highest quality are one-of-a-kind collectible treasures.

Natural Pearls occur in waters across the planet. True miracles of nature, they form in the bodies or mantle tissue of various mollusks, always without human help of any kind. Among the better-known Natural Pearls are rare pink Conch Pearls (Caribbean), orange Melo Melo Pearls (South China Sea), and purple Quahog or Clam Pearls (US Atlantic, NE Coast).

Assael is exceedingly proud of our collection of rare and magnificent Natural Pearls, and we have just begun to use them in the sophisticated jewelry designs for which we are known.