South Sea White Pearls

Assael South Sea White Pearls are among the world’s most coveted cultured pearls, renowned for their impressive size and sophisticated aura. Indulge yourself in the luxury of their remarkably deep luster and subtle glow.

Discover Assael South Sea White Pearl necklaces, bracelets, earrings, and rings…elegant jewels of outstanding design and craftsmanship. Our South Sea White Pearls enjoy exceptional luster, smooth complexions, and lovely round shapes—all hallmarks of ultimate pearl quality.

Assael South Sea Pearls grow in the waters off The Kimberley region of Northwestern Australia, where the Assael family has had relationships with leading pearl farmers for more than half a century. Thanks to company founder Salvador Assael’s long-term relationship with these preeminent pearl farmers, the Assael brand continues to enjoy first selection when the new pearls are harvested each year.

Thick layers of nacre—the organic crystalline substance that makes up the pearl—pave the way for the South Sea White Pearl’s luminous beauty. Shades of white vary from white-pink to white-silver and even pure white.

Because they grow in the largest oysters (Pinctada Maxima), South Sea White Pearls are the largest pearls. This sizable species can produce cultured pearls measuring up to 20-21mm—magnificent Gem South Sea White Pearls, the pearls of a lifetime.