Pearl Earrings

Bring out the light in your eyes with a fabulous pair of Assael pearl earrings. Our luminous cultured pearl earrings are available in classic and contemporary designs, many with diamonds and colorful gemstones.

Earrings, more than any other jewels, help us declare our individuality and style. Because they frame the face they can immediately signal the mood of the day…the swagger of an outfit...or the expectation of a special evening. Perhaps this is why fashion-savvy women and men collect earrings above all other categories of Fine Jewelry. And why so many of us feel “undressed” without our earrings.

In the hands of Assael’s talented designers, the world’s most magnificent pearls are transformed into timeless button earrings, contemporary hoops, stilettos, fringe styles, Modern Mobiles, and more. Assael is known for complementing our pearls with shimmering diamonds, gemstones, turquoise, and jade…in thrilling combinations and unusual color combinations.

Explore our stunning earring collections, including Akoya Silk, Geometrix, and the Bubble Collection by Sean Gilson for Assael. Visit The Colors collection to see how carefully curated gemstones coax the natural undertones from South Sea White and Tahitian Pearls. And when it comes to gifting, consider Assael Akoya Cultured Pearl Studs, the perfect way to celebrate a wedding and all of life’s momentous occasions.