Coral Necklaces

Assael offers the world’s finest Precious Coral necklaces in classic and contemporary lengths. Discover fiery Sardinian Coral, Beyond Rare Aka (Oxblood) and Angel Skin Coral, and vibrant Sciacca Coral designs.

Pearls and Precious Coral were among the very first gems to be fashioned into necklaces by ancient civilizations. The beauty and symbolism of Mediterranean coral’s red color gave rise to beaded adornments beloved by our ancestors…and revered throughout history to present times.

Today, Assael is North America’s premier purveyor of responsibly sourced Precious Coral, renowned for its Gem Coral necklaces. It can take years to collect and assemble the perfectly matched coral beads used to create each exquisite, one-of-a-kind strand by Assael.

The all-natural colors of our Precious Coral necklaces are perfect complements to current fashion trends. According to esteemed jewelry historian and fashion editor Vivienne Becker of the Financial Times, this “red gold” is “bringing a hot-blooded Mediterranean élan, sensuality and sunny disposition to contemporary designs.”

The Precious Corals used in Assael’s coral necklaces are found deep within the ocean and are not to be confused with endangered reef corals that grow nearer to the surface. Only ethically and legally sourced coral is used in the creation of our Fine Jewelry.