Pearl Jewelry

Pearls are the first gem ever to be set into a piece of jewelry…and never has pearl jewelry been more beloved and relevant than it is today. Treasured for millennia by pharaohs, kings, queens and oligarchs, pearls have symbolized everything from purity and femininity to wealth, strength and power. Today, the House of Assael celebrates the beauty and power of nature’s living gem by designing the world’s most magnificent pearl jewelry. Join us on an exploration of its wondrous variety and enduring style.

From a luxurious choker of South Sea Pearls to a show-stopping pearl and diamond brooch, Assael offers pearl jewelry for every age and taste. Discover our stunning pearl earrings, necklaces, bracelets and rings. Many dance with the sparkle of diamonds and eclectically colorful gemstones.

Thanks to the extraordinary designers at our New York atelier, Assael is leading the way in what has come to be known as the Pearl Revolution. “The revival of pearl jewelry is here to stay,” says Harper’s Bazaar, “with fluid lines and silhouettes further accentuating the natural beauty of the ocean jewel.”