Fiji Pearls

With their intoxicating palette of pistachio, cranberry, sapphire, silver, and gold, Fiji Pearls defy the traditional rainbow. Explore our rare and responsibly sourced Assael Fiji Cultured Pearls: vibrant…luminous…all-natural in color.

Fiji Pearls hail from the Koro Sea around the Fiji Islands in the South Pacific. They are produced by a particularly hard-to-find oyster (Pinctada Margaritifera-Typica), a subspecies of the Tahitian Black Pearl oyster. Assael Fiji Pearls are prized for their intense natural colors and gleaming overtones that shine with an almost iridescent radiance.

According to Robb Report, “Pearls may just be the most sustainable gems on the planet.” Pearl farmers know that for oysters to thrive and grow beautiful pearls, they need clean and healthy waters.

The laudable conservation efforts of Fijian pearl farmers closely align with the House of Assael’s core values; together we are dedicated to maintaining the health of the world’s oceans. According to Assael CEO Christina Lang Assael, “If you are going to live from the products of the ocean, you have to sustain it. You have to take care of it. You have to be a good steward.”

Assael’s breathtaking designs with responsibly sourced Fiji Pearls are astonishing pearl collectors and connoisseurs alike. Sleek and contemporary, they reflect the fashion world’s current passion for color. Discover the exotic beauty of Assael Fiji Cultured Pearls.