South Sea Golden Pearls

With the deepest, richest golden hues of the South Sea range, Assael South Sea Golden Pearls have a luminosity and warmth that exudes grace and elegance. Explore these natural color golden gifts from the sea, a cherished addition to every pearl lover’s wardrobe.

South Sea Golden Pearls originate in the Celebes Sea between Indonesia and The Philippines. They grow in the warmer waters to the south of their South Sea White counterparts. The medium-sized “gold-lipped” oysters (Pinctada Maxima) in which they grow have a golden mother-of-pearl lip on their shells. Thus, the nacre of the pearl is naturally golden in color, ranging from pale gold to pink, green, and intense gold.

Assael South Sea Golden Cultured Pearls are prized for their deep golden hue as well as their size and smoothness of complexion. Their distinct yet subtle color can serve as a “new neutral” in your pearl collection, striking when worn with jewel tones and pastels alike.

Our South Sea Golden Pearl strands offer marvelous opportunities for variety and layering. Mix them with South Sea White Pearls, Tahitian Black Pearls, and Fiji Pearls…the combinations are endless. Goldens play well with gemstones too; discover one-of-a-kind designs that sparkle with diamonds, Fancy Yellow diamonds, turquoise, tourmaline, and more.