A few years ago, following in her husband Salvador Assael’s entrepreneurial footsteps, Christina Lang Assael added responsibly sourced Precious Coral to the brand’s esteemed pearl collections. Explore our Sardinian Coral, Angel Skin Coral, Aka Coral, and Sciacca Coral. Discover The Most Exquisite Coral in the World!

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Explore by Coral Type

Assael is proud to present superb collections of Precious Coral strands and coral jewelry. Our coral assortment is attracting legions of new fans and collectors thanks in part to sustainable farming methods used for harvesting this jewelry-specific coral.

Precious Coral from deep within the Mediterranean Sea is not the same as the endangered, reef-building coral species which grow in shallow waters nearer to the surface. The reef-building corals that are currently suffering the effects of climate change and ocean acidification are in fact not used at all in fine jewelry. Although they share the same collective name “coral,” reef corals are very different from Precious Coral.

Today, fishing for these corals follows very strict regulations from the General Fisheries Commission for the Mediterranean of FAO (Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations), with restrictions for species protection. The harvesting of this coral below 50 meters is limited to minimum trunk sizes and only to very experienced divers. There is also regular delimitation of protected areas for species protection and longevity.

Mrs. Assael serves on the Coral Commission of Confédération Internationale de La Bijouterie, or CIBJO, a highly respected organization that works with the UN globally to improve conditions for workers and lessen environmental impact.  Her longstanding commitment to the sea and the environment means that only ethically and legally sourced coral is used in the creation of fine coral jewelry.