Pearl Brooches

Elegant and versatile, an Assael cultured pearl brooch deserves pride of place in your Fine Jewelry wardrobe. Express your individuality with our stunning designs, ranging from iconic to whimsical motifs.

Fashion editors and influencers agree: the brooch is back. A bold pearl brooch is among the most versatile jewels one can own. Discover our one-of-a-kind South Sea Pearl brooch designs. Classical themes including bows, fans and flowers are given a contemporary twist with diamonds and jade.

When approaching a pearl brooch, think beyond the lapel. Pin an Assael cultured pearl brooch on a hat, scarf, or bag…or unexpectedly at the waist of your skirt. Clip one to a long necklace or an Akoya Signature Strand, pendant style. Or wear one in your hair for a wedding or special occasion look. A pearl brooch by Assael can work its magic everywhere, the ultimate focal point for every outfit.

The pearl and gemstone brooch has been a signature jewel among royals and best-dressed women throughout history, and today it is more relevant than ever before. Our exquisite pearl brooches are singular treasures to be enjoyed, gifted, and passed down through generations.