Coral Bracelets

Make a bold fashion statement with a luxurious Natural Color Sardinian Coral bracelet by Assael. Our fiery Precious Coral from the Mediterranean stuns in multi-row designs of perfectly matched crimson beads.

When it comes to finding a signature bracelet, nothing compares with an all-natural Sardinian Coral design by Assael. Rich and red, this ethically sourced Precious Coral from the Mediterranean is a striking “new neutral,” ideal for so many of the high fashion’s colors and prints.

Choose our timeless Five Row Sardinian Coral Bracelet with an 18K Yellow Gold clasp, or our Sardinian Coral and Green Beryl Convertible Bracelet from The Colors Collection. Featuring a daring color pairing, the cool green beryl clasp is the perfect counterpoint for our vibrant Sardinian Coral. And, in a Fine Jewelry tour de force, it can be removed and worn as a bejeweled pendant.

Assael is North America’s premier purveyor of responsibly sourced Precious Coral and a proud member of the Confédération Internationale de La Bijouterie or CIBJO. This highly respected organization works with the UN globally to improve conditions for workers and lessen environmental impact. Only responsibly sourced coral is used in the creation of our exquisite, coral bracelets.