Keshi Pearls

Assael Natural Keshi Pearls impart an unmistakable radiance to all who wear them. Bask in the glow of South Sea White, Golden, Tahitian, and Fijian Keshi Pearls, prized for their extraordinary luster and organic shapes.

Keshi Pearls are all-natural pearls formed by layers of nacre, with no nucleus placed in the shell. Because Keshis are made up of pure nacre, a precious material, there is nothing inside to stop the reflection of light.

These beautiful pearls tend to be Baroque in shape, so light “bounces” off their organic surfaces in different directions. For these reasons, Natural Keshi Pearls are known to enhance the complexion, illuminating the face and eyes.

Discover Assael Keshi Pearl strands, bracelets, earrings and rings…and marvel at how well they pair with diamonds and gemstones. Like so many pearl connoisseurs and top fashion designers, you’ll love the way Keshis layer with other pearls in your collection. Pile them high, near your face, for that unique Keshi glow.

The unique shimmer and shine of the Natural Keshi Pearl has been admired throughout history by many cultures. Known as “the gifts of the mermaids,” Natural Keshi Pearls were worn with pride for centuries by the princesses of the Arabian kingdom.