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Defining Exceptional – The Beauty & Luxury of Angel Skin Coral

Assael Responsibly Sourced Natural Angel Skin Coral Necklace

Prized for centuries for its natural beauty, Angel Skin Coral belongs in a rarefied circle of extraordinary gems. This precious coral is beyond rare, hailing from the seas around Japan, Taiwan and Hawaii.  What is it about this extraordinary treasure from the ocean that makes it so exceptional?

Angel Skin Coral Source

Top left – Assael Natural Angel Skin Coral ring set in 18K white gold and diamonds

Similar to pearls, coral is one of the few precious gems grown by a living organism.  Small marine animals called coral polyps grow a colorful calcium carbonate skeleton that over time forms a hardened complex of branches within the ocean depths.  Most precious coral used in jewelry today is a genus of the species Corallium Rubrum or Sardinian Coral or the coral which is found deep below the ocean’s surface.  Unlike other coral, Angel Skin Coral is a natural aberration of the Satsuma Coral, Corallium Elatius, which is normally a much stronger blush.

Limited Supply

According the American Gem Society, coral has been used as adornment for royalty and the noble classes since before recorded history. “The ancient Greeks, Romans and Native Americans used red, pink and white corals extensively.” (ags.org). In the Victorian era, babies of wealthy families had teething rings made of coral.

Not long ago, Assael discovered a pristine trove of Angel Skin Coral legally harvested before it was classified as an endangered specie; a cache of raw vintage coral of unparalleled quality and beauty. Ranging from a whisper of pink to a vibrant orange-pink, this old coral stars in stunning Assael jewelry designs, many of which are highlighted with diamonds.

Enduring Beauty

The multitude of beautiful shades of coral have maintained their color and beauty throughout the ages, making it a favorite material for fine jewelry designers. Luxury brands like Bulgari, Van Cleef & Arpels and others have all utilized coral for iconic and highly important jewelry designs. The delicate coloration of Angel Skin Coral makes it very valuable.  When well cared for, precious coral jewelry will retain its beauty and value, for many generations. Worn as necklaces and earrings, Angel Skin Coral flatters the skin and brightens up the overall aura of its wearer.


NOTE: Assael has long maintained a deep commitment to the sea and the environment. Only ethically and legally sourced coral is used in the creation of our exceptional coral jewelry.


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