Rare Coral

The Rare Gem – Finding A Treasure as Unique as She Is

A rare gem is incredibly hard to find and the more difficult, the more limited it is in quantity, the more valuable it becomes. Luckily for all of us, there are brave souls who scour the earth and the ocean to find some of nature’s most beautiful and prized gifts. From rare pearls and scarce types of coral to exotic gemstones, the rare gem makes the perfect gift, either as a heartwarming self-indulgence or meaningful expression of enduring love to someone who deserves the absolute best. Let’s take a look at some rare pearls, exotic gems and unusual cuts that become treasures as unique as the lady who wears them.

Rare Pearls

Some of the most exciting rare gems in the world are pearls! As one of the only gemstones that grows inside a living organism, pearls are extremely precious, and the scarcest varieties tend to be exceptionally valuable. Natural Conch Pearls are beyond rare; they cannot be cultivated. These petite non-nacreous pearls are produced by the Queen Conch mollusk, or sea snail, and are most prized in a soft to intense pink hue. Melo Melo pearls are also naturally occurring. These exceedingly rare, non-nacreous gems are produced by the large sea snail called the melo melo and range from orange to tan in color, with orange being the choicest shade. Speaking of color, sustainably farmed Fiji Pearls are also rare as they are produced in low quantities and exhibit incredible hues ranging from exceptional blues and greens to shimmering silvers. Such striking and beautiful pearls will always stand out in a crowd, making for truly unique jewelry that becomes an instant conversation starter.

Color Change Garnet

Color Change Garnets

Clockwise from Upper LeftAssael Tahitian pearl and Violet Color Change Garnet Button Earrings, Balmain A/W 2019, Assael South Sea Pearl, Unheated Tanzanite and Color change Garnet Earrings, Below in Video – Assael Tahitian Pearl and Color Change Garnet Fringe Earrings

[vimeo 377268718]

Color change garnet is a rare and valuable member of the garnet group of gemstones. It is unique and highly prized for its ability to change color depending upon the light source with which it is viewed. It may appear green or bronze in daylight while seeming purple or blue in fluorescent light and under incandescent light, it may look rose or pink in hue. The House of Assael takes advantage of such natural color perceptions to bring out the many colorful undertones in high-quality pearls. Color change garnet coaxes the eggplant hues of rosé Tahitian pearls or beautifully augments the bluish green tints of some other varieties of Tahitian pearls. When precisely designed in a stiletto style or fringe drop earring, color change garnets create a truly one-of-a-kind delight.

Exotic Bicolor Tourmalines

According to the American Gem Trade Association, tourmaline occurs throughout the world, with Brazil producing the largest volume. While it can vary in color and comes in many shades, the exotic appeal of bicolor tourmaline is enchanting. The really rare varieties could, in fact, depend on the cut of the stone itself.  The House of Assael has found a small, unique assortment of Bicolor Tourmalines that naturally convey two colors at the same time with one color predominantly in the inner section of the stone and the other color forming a beautiful frame along the perimeter. These two-color stones highlight the variety and nuance of color within the complementary shades of pearls and coral with which they are paired.  The combinations are breathtaking, likely to make an unparalleled addition to even the most refined high jewelry wardrobe.

Rare Versions of Coral

Rare Coral

Clockwise from Upper Left – Assael Angel Skin Coral Necklaces, earrings and ring worn on model, Beyond Rare Angel Skin Coral Strand, Assael Angel Skin Coral Baguettes and Trapeze Cut Fancy Light Yellow/Brown Diamond Ring, Assael Oval Angel Skin Coral and Spinel Cocktail Ring

Natural Angel Skin Coral belongs in a rarefied circle of extraordinary gems. This precious coral of Japanese origin is beyond rare and has been virtually unavailable for decades. Not long ago, Assael discovered a trove of Gem Angel Skin Coral harvested before 1980, a cache of unparalleled quality and beauty. Ranging from a whisper of pink to a vibrant orange-pink, this responsibly sourced coral stars in stunning new designs, many of which are highlighted with diamonds and exotic color gemstones. The look is feminine and refined and each piece is truly one-of-a-kind. Jewelry addicts in the know aspire to own and wear Angel Skin Coral for its unique beauty and its exceptional rarity.

Whether you are seeking to distinguish yourself in the competitive world of haute couture fashion or expressing your love and appreciation to a singular and stunning lady, you can never go wrong with rare gems of the highest quality. For more unique gem and pearl combinations or more information about rare varieties of pearls and coral, please visit Assael.com. Here’s wishing you the most delightful and happy shopping!

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