Melo Melo Pearls

Immerse yourself in the exotic allure of Melo Melo Pearls: natural pearls…beyond rare…loved for their fine glazed surfaces and flame-like patterns. Assael’s Melo Melo masterpieces are one-of-a-kind treasures, resplendent in the pearl’s most sought-after orange hue.

Unlike cultured pearls, which are farmed under controlled conditions, Melo Melo Pearls are natural pearls, non-nacreous pearls produced by a large sea snail called the melo melo. These exceedingly rare gem pearls have a smooth, glazed surface that sometimes bears flame-like patterns similar to a Conch Pearl.

Melo Melo Pearls range from orange to tan to brown in color, with orange being the choicest shade. They are found in the South China Sea and the Andaman Sea, with Vietnam uncovering the finest Melo Melos in the world.

The rarity of the Melo Melo Pearl’s natural orange color in the field of gem pearls enhances its value, as well its desirability. Pearl connoisseurs prize Melo Melo Pearls for their mesmerizing color, large size, and exclusivity. A Melo Melo Pearl is by its very nature a collector’s item, among the rarest of all gifts from the sea.

Choose Melo Passion Earrings with Rubies and Diamonds, an incomparable pair of Melo Melo cabochons in a contemporary colorful setting; or a stunning Melo Melo pendant, which can be worn in its diamond cage or removed and held in the hand to admire.