Conch Pearls

When the pearl obsessed “think pink” they follow their hearts to the Natural Conch Pearl. These petite pink pearls are truly beyond rare; they cannot be cultivated. Discover the wondrous pearls that dreams are made of…Conch Pearls from the House of Assael.

Conch Pearls are all-natural non-nacreous pearls produced by the Queen Conch mollusk found in the Caribbean. Elusive by nature, a single Conch Pearl is a genuine rarity, with only one found in every 10,000 to 20,000 shells.

Not only are Conch Pearls ultra-rare in quantity, they also come in unique shades ranging from pink to watermelon translucence, and in rare cases with a visible, vibrant, flame-like pattern on the surface.

With their flattering pink colors and graceful oval and baroque shapes, Assael’s Natural Conch Pearls are the epitome of femininity. Consider our Conch Pearl cocktail ring with luscious lavender spinel, statement earrings with South Sea Pearls and diamonds, or an iconic fan-shaped brooch with diamond baguettes.

These one-of-a-kind designs create a soft, feminine aura as only a precious pink pearl can. More sought after today than ever before, Natural Conch Pearl jewels by Assael reflect the fashion world’s enduring love affair with pink.