Pearls and Diamonds – Forever Friends

Sean Gilson for Assael “Cascade” Floating Pearl and Diamond necklace, Assael South Sea pearl drop earrings with marquise diamond stars, model wearing the Sean Gilson for Assael Bubble South Sea Pearl and Diamond choker necklace/tiara, Assael Perfect Pairings ring featuring a South Sea Pearl and an emerald-cut Diamond

From monarch parures to bridal ensembles, even in pop music hits (the Prince 1991 album), “diamonds and pearls” have always had a mutually beneficial relationship, a long and romantic love story, a history of enduring elegance, cultural significance, and fashion timelessness. Like a wink and a smile, these precious gems work well together, complementing each…

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Celebrities in Pearls – Stepping Out in Glow 

Barry Keoghan at the Golden Globes (Getty images), Assael Akoya pearl strands, Billie Eilish performing at the Academy Awards in Assael Akoya pearl stud earrings (Getty images), Elle Fanning wearing a pearl and diamond ring at the Golden Globes (Getty images), Leighton Meester in Assael three strand Akoya pearl necklace as featured in the spring issue of Numéro Netherlands, Giorgia Soleri at the Venice Film Festival (Getty images), Assael pearl and diamond ring,Assael Barbie earrings featuring three different sizes of South Sea pearls

“Are pearls the new diamonds?” (Vogue). Red carpet stars and stylists agree! Award show season and other red-carpet events in the last year have been full of celebrities stepping out in pearls. Move over bling – the luminous glow of fine pearls made appearances at the Golden Globes, the Emmys, and the Oscars, as well…

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One-of-a-kind natural clam pearl, dendritic agate & Sardinian coral brooch with yellow diamonds

Remarkable and rare, this Assael Brooch from NatureScapes Collection converts to a Choker or Necklace Slide.

Remarkable and rare, this spectacular Brooch from our NatureScapes Collection converts to a Choker or Necklace Slide. Featuring: An ultra-rare Deep Orange-Red Natural Clam Pearl, approximately 10.0 x 9.0mm, 3 Natural Saltwater Pearls, 6.0 – 6.5mm, Dendritic Agate from India, Orange Sardinian Coral Branches, and 1.60 carats of Natural Yellow Diamonds mounted atop Golden Mother-of-Pearl.…

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Rare Natural Pearls – A Guide to Non-Nacreous Pearl Treasures

Assael Natural Purple Clam Pearl and Lavender Spinel ring, Rochas Women’s RTW (Launchmetrics Spotlight), loose pink natural conch pearls, loose orange natural Melo Melo pearls, more loose pink natural conch pearls, Spondylus “spiny” oyster shell

Pearls are known to be one of the first gems ever set into jewelry, dating back thousands of years. They were not cultivated by man until the end of the 19th century. All of the pearls owned by international royals, maharajas, celebrities, and socialites throughout history were natural pearls. Today, however, of the small quantity…

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Long Keshi Pearl Earrings with Diamonds

long keshi south sea pearl earrings with diamonds

One of a kind every time, these dramatic and dimensional Keshi Earrings with a Silver-Blue tone feature 10 Keshi South Sea Cultured Pearls, approximately 7.0 – 18.0mm, and 8 sparkling Diamonds (G,VS). Set in 18K Rose Gold, they are 3.25” in length.

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Keshi Pearl Earrings with Diamonds

Assael Keshi Pearl earrings with diamonds

Never the same pair twice. Large, lustrous, and dimensional, our Keshi South Sea Cultured Pearls star in evocative Drop Earrings. Ranging from approximately 7.0 to over 20.0mm, the Pearls are interspersed with Diamonds (G,VS) and set in 18K Rose Gold. 2.25” long.

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What is Nacre? And how does it create luster in pearls?

Tahitian Bubble Earrings by Sean Gilson for Assael

That soft, subtle glow that we all love about fine quality pearls is unmistakable and highly prized. It is created when nacre reflects the light. But most people do not fully understand what nacre is or why it is important to consider when buying pearls. Here we dive deeply into the definition of nacre and…

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