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PEARL EARRINGS – Timeless Perfection for Every Woman

There is no category of fine jewelry that women need more of than earrings.  Unlike rings, necklaces or bracelets, we ladies change our earrings as often as we change our outfits, our moods or our dinner plans. Because they are next to the face, earrings become part of our everyday self-expression. They capture the light with every turn of the neck and dress up our most beloved fashion ensembles.  They also make the best gift and/or the perfect self-reward.

Pearl earrings, in particular, reflect their natural satiny luster from the pearls onto the face, creating a beautiful glow on the cheek and chin, no matter the skin tone. And according to style hub PopSugar.com, “Pearls will never go out of style.” Their timelessness makes them the perfect investment and for my money, the best fail-safe gift.  Similarly, precious coral earrings endure the test of time with their intense warm hues that Mother Nature has ensured will never fade. Let’s take a look at some fun and unique ways to freshen up your or her fine jewelry wardrobe with a gorgeous new pair of pearl or coral earrings.

Distinctive Drops

Drop earrings are essential in any jewelry wardrobe because they add the flair of movement. Precious gems and magnificent pearls sparkle all the more brightly in earrings as they catch the light with every nod of the head or peal of laughter.  The luscious lavender hue of these large Kreis-cut Rose de France amethysts shimmer beautifully on the lobe as the Tahitian Natural Color Cultured Baroque Pearls sway gently down below.  A cascade of multicolor Fijian pearls twinkles with antique diamond briolettes in the Fall Branches earrings.  And a delightful jumble of Akoya pearls adds a contemporary feel to these Linear Bubble earrings by Sean Gilson for Assael. If you are looking for a way to update your beloved pearl strands, try these South Sea Pearl and hand-carved white jadeite long drops. Each style of earrings at Assael is more exciting and sophisticated than the next.

Unique Cuts

Another way to add a touch of distinction to any fine jewelry wardrobe is to wear a uniquely cut gemstone. Unusual cuts are generally for bespoke and custom jewelry, rarely ever seen in mass manufactured styles. Rare cuts are specifically calibrated to achieve a particular design. Whether it is fan-shaped or paisley aquamarines or elongated beryl baguettes and large rhombus-shaped cuts of morganite, these stones captivate attention because they are not seen in typical pieces of jewelry. At Assael, unique cuts are part of the design itself, as the gemstone can enhance the beauty of the pearls not only with its color but also with its shape. Such unusual designs are sure to bring a bevy of compliments, as well as a knowing smile to the face of the woman who wears them.

Color Counts

Color is a fun way to add variety to the daily fashion routine.  The same is true with a fine jewelry wardrobe. If she already has a pair of beloved white pearl earrings, add some variation by selecting an earring in her favorite color – trillion cut aquamarines to match her stunning blue eyes or radiant octagonal amethysts for purple fans.  Contrasting colors also speak volumes. If you wear a lot of sleek, chic black, try a fiery red Sardinian Coral Bubble earring by Sean Gilson for Assael. The dramatic difference in the non-matching color grabs attention in an understated and elegant way.  Personally, I love the color green and when it is unexpectedly paired with contrasting hues like the soft, subtle pink of Angel Skin Coral, my heart literally skips a beat. Whether you match your or her skin tone or opt for her favorite color, know that you can’t go wrong with the exquisite sophistication of natural color cultured pearls and precious gem coral.

Beyond Basic

And for the tradition lover in all of us, there is nothing as elegant as all-white pearls. The spectacular luster of high-quality pearls adds a powerful hint of femininity to everything from a business suit to a special occasion gown.  But don’t be afraid to go beyond the basics.  Keep the look youthful, fresh and en vogue by adding a touch of diamonds or a thoughtful new design like the Bubble collection by Sean Gilson for Assael or the double pearl drop earring with its near invisible connection.  Power pearls are in fashion these days, so  you’ll also be empowering her (or yourself) with such statement-making pearl earring styles.

Whether you are shopping for yourself or for your favorite pearl girl, know that investing in a gorgeous pearl or coral earring is always a safe bet. It is the perfect way to ensure an enduring impact to keep that smile glowing for many years to come.  Discover other magnificent pearl and coral earrings, as well as cutting-edge luxury jewelry at assael.com.

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