Clockwise from top left – Assael Golden South Sea Pearl Earrings with Carved Yellow Jadeite, Golden Keshi Pearl and Diamond Rope Necklace, Assael Abacus and XO Bangles, Elie Saab runway, Fiji Pearl and Golden Green Beryl Earrings

Holiday Gift Guide: Best Gifts for Pearl Girls

It’s official: Cultured Pearls were THE hottest gems of 2019, and they’re making a bold play for star status in the new decade. South Sea pearls, Baroques, Akoya pearls, and colorful pearls have all featured prominently on Couture and Ready-to-Wear runways…in collections spanning the seasons. Now is the perfect time to spoil your favorite pearl girl with a beautiful pearl jewelry gift…or several. No matter her personality type, find the perfect little bit of luster as magnificent as she is.

The Power Player: Royal Strands, Bold Rings, Sparkling Earrings

Assael Tahitian Pearls with detachable Pink Pear-Shaped Tourmalines Clip Backs, Assael Trilogy Akoya Pearl Ring, set in 18K Gold. Fiji Pearl Necklace by J. Hunter for Assael, 18” - Holiday Gifts for Her

Clockwise from Top Left: Carolina Herrera, Assael Tahitian Pearls with detachable Pink Pear-Shaped Tourmalines Clip Backs, Assael Trilogy Akoya Pearl Ring set in 18K Gold, Fiji Pearl Necklace by J. Hunter for Assael, 18” similar to the Sussex Strand now in the royal jewelry wardrobe, Angelina Jolie, Duchess of Sussex (the former Meghan Markle) receiving the Sussex Strand in Fiji.

She flows gracefully from boardrooms to fundraisers without ever missing a beat. Her personality is as charming and striking as her style. She needs power pearls that work with her suit jackets, up-dos, private jets or a night at the opera. A royal strand of exotic multicolor Fiji Pearls by J. Hunter for Assael is one way to make her feel like royalty. These one-of-a-kind necklaces are similar in style to the Sussex Strand, which now lives in the fine jewelry wardrobe of the Duchess herself, the former Meghan Markle. Another great option is a piece from Assael’s gem and pearl collection, like the Tahitian pearl earrings with detachable Pink Pear-Shaped Tourmalines. They have the power to dress up, or down, any suit, caftan or designer denim ensemble in her wardrobe. Does she have a fabulous firm handshake? Give her a vote of confidence with a pearl jewelry gift in the form of a statement ring. Assael’s Trilogy ring featuring three Akoya pearls will hug the knuckle and float atop her very talented hands.

The Girly Girl: Pretty in Pink, Lavender Luxe, Radiant Ropes

She oozes femininity and spontaneity, always the life of the party, sporting the latest “it bag” and rarely, if ever, choosing shoes for their comfort level. She needs gems as pretty and rare as she is. Colorful gems like amethyst and lavender spinel will help her stand out amidst her fashionable crowd, especially when paired with naturally hued aubergine Tahitian cultured pearls. Or for a soft, graceful sophistication, the pastel pink hues of Assael’s Beyond Rare Angel Skin Coral are a perfect fit. The Angel Skin Coral and Multicolored Lavender Spinel ring is something she will wear and get compliments on every single day. And for the added value of versatility, consider a long rope strand of South Sea baroque pearls, made more fun and feminine with the addition of radiant morganite gemstones between each pearl. Assael has so many ways to make your best girl smile this holiday season.

The Soccer Mom: Versatile Earrings, Flexible Bracelets, Meaningful Pendants

Up early and always on the run in “Mom’s Uber,” she is the favorite hostess or homeroom helper. Somehow she never seems weary, despite her many late nights helping with science fair projects or soothing a fevered brow. Show her your heartfelt appreciation with thoughtfully selected gems that will become her “go-to” everyday faves. Brighten up that ubiquitous smile with the lustrous essentials of South Sea pearls. Versatile styles like Assael’s earrings with detachable trillion cut aquamarines offer multiple options for any outfit, any day of the week. Or select a durable, flexible bracelet with the timeless appeal of warm yellow gold and luminous Akoya pearls; the award-winning “Flex” bracelet from Assael is as flexible as she. Or give her some wearable appreciation to pair with her home team’s jersey and snug-fitting Tees—a super chic Akoya pearl pendant necklace. The minimal touch of elegance makes her feel all the more special.

The Girl Next Door: Tailored Strands, Studs and More Pearl Jewelry Gifts

Reliable, kind and generous to a fault, she volunteers to make her community a better place, attends every party she is invited to and never forgets to send a thank-you note. How do you shine a spotlight on her for a change? The demure, beautiful luster of an Akoya pearl strand keeps on giving, as she will wear it with every turtleneck, blazer or LBD. And if she already has her must-have pearl strand, opt for a unique pearl stud earring that features a petite gemstone—a little something extra to catch the eye and boost her self-esteem. The single-hued beauty of Assael’s Sardinian Gem Coral is another great idea for the girl next door. Simple sleek earrings or a lovely crimson ring from the Bubble Collection by Sean Gilson for Assael—either gift will subtly augment her style and give her something new to smile about.

This holiday season find the fun in searching for the perfect gift for your favorite pearl- obsessed girl. Here’s wishing you and her many marvelous celebrations and magnificent pearls to smile about.

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