Feature image at top – Lower Left – Assael Porthole earrings, Lower right – Emporio Armani S/S ‘22 (Getty Images)

Storytelling Gems – Harnessing the Power of Color in One-of-a-Kind Pearl and Coral Designs

The newest designs in Assael’s exclusive NatureScapes Collection explore the evocative storytelling power of color.  These new one-of-a-kind jewels feature unusual, lesser-known gemstones such as dendritic agate and various types of jasper and chalcedony with naturally occurring scenic landscapes. When paired with fine pearls or precious coral, they become wearable treasures that effortlessly draw attention and invite admiration.

Sunset Or Candlelight Chalcedony

Upper left – Chloé F/W ‘24 (Spotlight Launchmetrics), Upper left – Assael Angel Skin Coral, Candle Light Chalcedony, and Diamond earrings

One incredible gem that evokes vacation vibes is Chalcedony, in this case “Sunset” or “Candlelight” Carnelian Chalcedony. Its unique hues and stripes evoke the color of the desert or the beach as the various shades of sunset begin to canvas the sky. It also mimics the flicker of colors generated by candlelight. “The beautiful peach hues in these stones immediately called to mind our rare and responsibly sourced Angel Skin Coral,” said Grosz. She found the perfect shape and hue of pale pink cabochons to create a dreamy and ethereal pair of earrings.  She accented the natural striations in the stones with thin arcs and lines of peach, champagne, and white diamonds, and she set it all in the warmth of 18K rose gold with clip backs. “To me, these earrings paint a poetic picture of understated elegance. They tell a story of serenity – the kind that can only be found in nature.”

Dendritic Agate

Assael One-of-a-Kind NatureScapes brooch with Natural Clam Pearl, Dendritic Agate, Diamonds, Natural Pearls, Sardinian Coral, other images from Getty Images

Dendritic Agate is another stone with evocative allure. It is a naturally occurring type of chalcedony in the agate family that has inclusions called “dendrites” which create scenic landscapes in the stone itself. Assael’s new Clam Brooch began with an oval of Dendritic Agate that looked like an open clam shell on the floor of the sea. “We added a very special natural orange Clam Pearl at the center and decided to frame the ‘scene’ with Sardinian coral and the palest of yellow single-cut diamonds. Then, we added some natural saltwater pearls. For a backdrop, we set it all on a background of Golden South Sea Mother of Pearl,” remarks Grosz as she reminisces on the fun of designing this masterpiece. The brooch is clearly a NatureScape. In 18K gold, it pays tribute to the glory of the natural world. As an added benefit, it may also be worn as a choker slide.

Maligano Jasper

Upper Left – Prada F/W ’24 (Spotlight Launchmetrics), Assael NatureScapes earrings in Maligano Jasper, Tahitian Pearls, and Sardinian Coral

Lovers of the art of “sansui” (Japanese landscapes) will surely be lovers of Maligano Jasper. Formed in volcanic hot springs in Indonesia, this natural stone can evoke both mountains and lakes with its blues and greys. To Grosz, “the Assael Maligano Jasper earrings bring to mind Oriental paintings of mountainous landscapes where the snow has all but disappeared, and the Sakura blossoms are just beginning to peak through in early spring.” The grey peaks are perfectly matched with magnificent charcoal Tahitian pearls, and the Sardinian coral beads add just the right complement to the cherry blossoms in the “painting.”

Boulder Opal – The Porthole Earrings

Lower Left – Assael Porthole earrings, Lower right – Emporio Armani S/S ‘22 (Getty Images)

These unusual and interesting earrings invite you to imagine that you are in your mahogany paneled stateroom aboard a Caribbean cruise. You look out through a ‘porthole’ that frames a view of deep blue sea and a lighter blue sky, with just a touch of a landscape coming into view. Assael’s one-of-a-kind new ‘Porthole earrings’ feature wonderful slices of Boulder Opal.  Creative Director Peggy Grosz was instantly charmed and whisked into vacation mode by the natural scenic “views” in these stones. She paired them with natural Tanzanite to reflect the “mahogany” shades in the opal. And dangling beneath are baroque Fijian pearls with similar color undertones. This is a statement-making earring in both 22K and 18K gold.

Sunrise Jasper

Left – Assael NatureScapes earrings in Sunrise Jasper, Sardinian Coral and Lagoon Tourmaline, Right – Ralph Lauren S/S ’24 (Spotlight Launchmetrics)

Another incredibly narrative stone that captures the attention and paints a dynamic picture is Sunrise Jasper. “We just love Sunrise Jasper!” says Grosz. “The colors mesmerize and excite us, evoking volcanic lava, rocky coastal beaches, or fiery sunsets. We chose to reinforce those exhilarating colors with the blue-green beauty of Lagoon Tourmalines and the fiery crimson of Sardinian Coral.” These earrings are head-turners and conversation starters.

Cultured Shell Blisters

Top – Assael Fiji Mother-of-Pearl Mabe blister pearl, diamond, and Golden South Sea pearl earrings, Bottom left to right – Assael Fiji Mother-of-Pearl, Mabe blister pearl, and diamond ring, Ulla Johnson F/W ’24 (Spotlight Launchmetrics)

Cultured shell blisters grow along the lining of the mollusk, instead of in the fleshy tissue of the mollusk deep inside the shell. They look like a bubble or blister forming in the mother-of-pearl “skin” of the oyster. Grosz recently became inspired by the design prospects of these blisters. “I am ultra-excited by our first Fijian shell pieces with cultured shell blisters! They take me back to the Mod jewelry of the ‘60s, with a splash of lunar or solar thrown in. After-all, the first moon landing was in 1969,” says Grosz. The ring and earrings are crafted in 22K gold, and they conjure the promise and the allure of a secret yet to be revealed.

All of the unusual or lesser-known gems above are perfect for those wanting to stand out in the crowd or for pearl and coral fans who are seeking new and exotic pieces to add to their collections. Luckily for all of us, this is just the beginning. Peggy Grosz promises more captivating new designs as the NatureScapes collection continues to grow in popularity.

Feature image at top – Lower Left – Assael Porthole earrings, Lower right – Emporio Armani S/S ‘22 (Getty Images)

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