Fine Pearls… Forever Jewelry for a Reason, a Season, a Lifetime

As we return to celebrating in person this holiday season, never have our cherished connections felt more meaningful or our social gatherings been more appreciated and anticipated. As we look forward to hugging again, we can also create beautiful moments of lasting joy.  There’s never been a better time to make a gathering of family and friends truly memorable, and gifts of the very finest pearls will do just that. Luxury jewelry radiates with our deepest expressions of affection and can be given for a wide variety of reasons. When carefully selected and well cared for, fine pearl jewelry is not only perfect for the season, but forever styles can also endure for a lifetime and beyond.

White Pearls … the Enduring Evergreen Gem

Clockwise from upper Left –  Assael South Sea Pearl and White Jadeite Long Drop Earrings, Small Bubble Pearl Earrings by  Sean Gilson for Assael, @maisonvalentino, Assael South Pearl Toi & Moi Ring, Bubble Cluster Pearl Ring by Sean Gilson for Assael

The enduring relevance of the pristine pearl is proof of our lasting love affair with white.  Pearls are currently in the midst of a major all-gender fashion revolution, but in truth, these organic, lustrous, magnificent gems have endured the test of time, season upon season for centuries. Just as the classic white button up blouse will always be a wardrobe staple, so the pretty, lustrous allure of a strand of white pearls will continue to persist. Modern stylists are finding fun new ways to wear pearls – as a belt, jumbled in a neck mess, or as a daring back-lace. And the designers at Assael are also re-inventing the classic pearl in bold and beautiful collections like Bubbles and The Colors.

The Bubble Collection by award-winning master goldsmith Sean Gilson creates a fresh, dimensional, and luscious way to wear pearls! Featuring compilations of magnificent South Sea, Akoya, and Tahitian Pearls that float like the bubbles in a glass of champagne, these rings, earrings, bracelets, and hair pins make a contemporary style statement on their own, or they pair perfectly with fine pearl strands already in the jewelry box. The Bubble cluster ring shown here is set in 18K yellow gold and features South Sea and Akoya pearls of various sizes that create three-dimensional luster on the hand. If the person on your list is addicted to the cell phone or smart device, a ring can be a very visible gift that can bring a smile to the face any and every time they look down. 

The Colors Collection pairs pearls with complementary shades of gemstones to gently coax the natural colorful undertones in the pearls. Aquamarine, as an example, pairs perfectly with white South Sea pearls, evoking their marine origins. Hand-carved white jade and sparkling white diamonds also enhance the splendid luster of truly fine pearls. These statement earrings are timeless and can be worn with a classic white blouse, a sweater, a power suit, or even a simple little black dress. With well-designed fine jewelry, the styling possibilities are endless.

Clockwise from upper Left –  Assael Akoya Pearl Strands available in various lengths and sizes, Assael Akoya Pearl Stud Earrings in White Gold, Model wearing Assael Sunset 7-Row Akoya Pearl Necklace, 4 Baroque South Sea Pearl Necklaces from Assael, Assael Marquis Aquamarine and South Sea Pearl Earrings 

Classic Strands are essential to every woman’s wardrobe, and they are now appealing to more and more trendsetting men. And today, they are being worn in multiples as layered strands of pearls are both empowering and sophisticated. Choosing the perfect pearl strand for her (or his) personality and style is crucial. Consider millimeter size and length. Does your loved one prefer big bold statement jewelry? If so, consider larger pearls like South Seas. If she or he is more tailored and minimalist, a graduated Akoya strand may be the perfect choice. Assael’s new website has a shopping section where you can experiment with various lengths and sizes and choose a clasp that will match their gold preference (yellow or white). Investing in a pearl strand, whether the first or a new addition to pair with existing strands, is a welcomed gift that will last for years to continue giving joy, beauty, and delight.

The Many Colors of Tahitian Pearls

Clockwise from upper Left – @mariagraziachiuri for Dior, Bubble Tahitian Pearl Ring by Sean Gilson for Assael, Assael Natural Color Tahitian Cultured Pearl Necklace, Large Bubble Tahitian Pearl Earrings by Sean Gilson for Assael

Tahitian Pearls are often called Black Pearls, but in truth there is a wide array of natural colors in these organic, beautiful gems. First brought to the world’s attention by Assael founder Salvador Assael, Tahitian Pearls have been revered for their mysterious deep beauty since the late 1970s. Salvador was the first to successfully cultivate natural color gem Tahitian Pearls and offer to them to leading jewelers of the world like Harry Winston and Tiffany & Co. 

Now considered a wardrobe essential, black pearls, like white pearls, can accessorize almost any fashion ensemble. But the real treasure of Tahitians lies in their extraordinary range of natural colors. From charcoal gray to pistachio green or eggplant and peacock varieties, Tahitians have natural undertones of color that delight the eye and work well with dark and light fabrics, as well as multicolor prints. They make a meaningful and versatile gift because they can be worn or layered with many other pieces in the jewelry box.

For fans of unusual pieces, the multicolored Tahitian Bubble designs by Sean Gilson for Assael are pure perfection.  The color combinations of these extraordinary gem Tahitian pearls are hand-selected and chosen for maximum beauty and luster, each a one of a kind. The Bubble Tahitian Pearl rings make a distinctive cocktail ring, attracting attention and compliments every time they are worn. The large Bubble Tahitian Pearl earrings create a bit of drama on the lobe (clip backs, post optional) and pair well with every dark hue in the wardrobe. They also look terrific with the basic black blazer in almost everybody’s wardrobe.

Clockwise from upper Left –  Assael “In Reverse” Earrings, @giorgioarmani, Assael Tahitian Pearl and Barion Cut Green Garnet, Assael Tahitian Pearl and Tourmalinated Quartz Shields Earrings, @gucci, Assael “Lavande II” Earrings with Tahitian Pearls, Amethyst and Lavender Spinel 

In The Colors collection by Assael mentioned above, magnificent Tahitians are spectacularly paired with colored gemstones to pay tribute to those delightful colors in the pearls. Square emerald-cut Amethysts and lavender Spinel are paired with Tahitian drops with eggplant hues in an exceptional earring for a lover of all things purple. For the color-shy or edgier fashionistas on your list, Assael pairs deep dark Tahitian pearls with black Tourmalinated Quartz shields that sway provocatively from Platinum hinges.

Assael uses geometry, in addition to color, for some of their eye-catching designs. The “In Reverse” earrings pair pink and mint green Bi-Color Tourmalines with just the right shade of Tahitians. The inverted geometry of the stone and pearl shapes creates a mismatched statement earring of extraordinary beauty.  

Assael has also created its own version of a three stone ring, pairing pearls with complimentary colored gemstones on either side. The Tahitian Pearl and Barion Cut Green Garnet Ring features a large, greenish, round Tahitian Pearl centered between two square Green Garnets. These rings are perfect for stacking or following the Fall/Winter Fashion trend of wearing rings on various fingers for some multi-finger bling.

Regardless of where or how you celebrate, make this year especially meaningful with a thoughtful and considered gift of pearls that will continue to bring beauty and joy for decades. And feel good about your purchase, knowing that saltwater pearls are the most sustainable gems in the word.  Elite Traveler said it well, “Considering that their existence is dependent on thriving, healthy oceans, pearls make a great choice for a more responsible Christmas gift.”

For more great pearl gifts, visit Assael.com or follow us on Instagram @assaelpearls. To see the jewels in person or to try them on, visit your local Neiman Marcus or Saks Fifth Avenue or use our convenient retailer locator.

Feature image at top – Clockwise from upper left – Assael Essentials Akoya Pearls Strand, Bubble Cluster Ring by Sean Gilson for Assael, Assael South Sea Baroque Pearl Opera Length Strand worn as “backlace”

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