Color Forecast: Our Favorite Color Combos From Pantone’s Spring/Summer 2021 Palette

A little color goes a long way… to spruce up an outfit, to brighten up the outlook, or to put a smile on someone’s face. Color Therapy is the art of using color as an alternative remedy for various conditions, its roots dating back to the ancient Vedas texts in India which identify the colorful chakra energies in our bodies. The creative team at Assael can certainly agree that color has a profound effect on our emotions and our states of being. We eagerly look forward to Pantone’s seasonal color reports to see what will be coming in the months ahead.  For Spring/Summer 2021, here are some of our favorite color combinations from Pantone’s projected palette. May they give you some inspiration and perhaps a nice little mood lift.

Yellows & Blues

The bright sunny warmth of yellow beckons for a clear blue sky. Pantone’s “Illuminating” hue, newly appointed as one of two Colors of The Year for 2021,  pairs beautifully with their “French Blue” or “Cerulean” for Spring.  Assael loves gem combinations like these.  In fact, our collection called The Colors is all about pairing pleasing compatible hues. The Assael Sun and Moon earrings feature all-natural organic shapes of Golden Keshi pearls surrounding solar orbs of Heliodor (golden beryl) and crescent moons of deep blue sapphires.  It is a refreshing, and in this case celestial, color combination that charms and delights.

Assael also recently discovered some very special, natural, unheated turquoise from Arizona with ‘woody’ veins running through it.  It brought to mind the natural sunshine of Golden South Sea pearls and the brilliance of Fancy Yellow diamonds. When combined together, they create a remarkably elegant style that feels poised and sophisticated but in an understated way, making it very wearable for every day, not just for special occasions.

Corals with Greens & Blues

Team Assael was thrilled to discover “Burnt Coral” on the Pantone Spring/Summer 2021 color palette. Assael is the largest purveyor of responsibly sourced precious coral in North America. We have recently started pairing our beyond rare Angel Skin Coral and deep rich Sardinian coral with bright greens and sparkling blue gemstones. The pink-salmon hues of our Angel Skin Coral are complemented by bright Tanzanian Green Garnets, with white pavé diamonds snaking through for a regal and flattering look. The feminine hue of Angel Skin Coral also pairs well with aquamarine. The paler gem coral drops are paired with translucent aquamarines, while the darker coral tones are paired with deeply colored trillion cuts of aquamarine and some melee for additional sparkle.

The crimson shade of our natural Sardinian Coral comes to life with lush Lagoon Tourmalines that lie somewhere between blue and green on the color wheel.  Each of these color combinations are surprising and pleasing to the eye, making fun and distinctive additions to a woman’s fine jewelry wardrobe.

Mint Green with Gray

Lately, Assael designers have also developed a fond appreciation for the blend of green and gray. Pantone announced this week that Ultimate Gray is one of the two Colors of the Year for 2021. The “Mint” hue for Spring/Summer brings to mind the almost neon shade of our trillion-cut Mint Green Tourmalines which is beautifully paired with a very special silver-green color of Tahitian pearls. Making the pearl easily detachable adds versatility, creating more opportunities for wear.

Our creative team is also loving the fusion of jade with the deep rich darkness of Tahitian pearls. Hand-carved jadeite drops accented with bright tsavorite garnets show off the green undertones in our exceptional Tahitian gem pearls. Choose the geometric jadeite drop that works best for your face shape and be prepared to turn heads, as these earrings are conversation starters! (For more information on selecting the perfect earring for your face shape, click here.)

Purples with Pinks

The intriguing hue of Pantone’s “Amethyst Orchid” seems like a perfect complement to their bright and cheery “Raspberry Sorbet.”  Made for each other, these purple and pink tones bring a sense of royalty and elegance to casual, classic or tried-and-true wardrobe basics like a houndstooth blazer, turtleneck sweater or LBD (little black dress).

Purple reigns in a pair of Tahitian Natural Color Cultured Pearls set in Platinum with Octagon Amethyst and Lavender Spinel. The large purple amethyst and pinkish spinel gently coax the pink and purple undertones out from the pearls, calling them to attention in a wonderful and mysterious way. Bicolor tourmalines featuring pink and greenish hues are paired with eggplant and pistachio Tahitian Pearls to marvelous effect. Large rhombus-cut Morganite stones sit atop drop-shaped Tahitians with subtle hints of matching tones. These ultra femme color combos are sure to please the little girl inside, while also paying tribute to the pioneering spirit that dares to wear such unique, one-of-a-kind creations.

Regardless of where your preferences lie along the color wheel, Assael’s The Colors collection is sure to impress and intrigue. Discover more exciting pearls and gemstones here or by following us on Instagram @assaelpearls.


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