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Making Memories – Precious Jewelry Gifts For Holiday

The holidays are for making memories, meaningful celebrations that connect us and sustain us throughout the year to come. In a dynamic world of planned obsolescence and fleeting fads of gadgets, gizmos and smart devices, thoughtful gifts that endure the test of time become all the more important. Fine jewelry, like magnificent pearls and exquisite coral, carries emotional content, becoming a storehouse of our dearest memories that we can wear close to our hearts and treasure forever. If you’re shopping for that very special someone on your list, here are some precious jewelry gifts for her holiday that will transcend time and trends.

Magical Memories & the Pearl

Throughout history, pearls have been an important part of the most important occasions. Pearl pieces have been worn by royalty, have adorned the necks of the likes of Audrey Hepburn, Grace Kelly, Coco Chanel and rapper ASAP Rocky. Fashion may be particularly abuzz with pearls now, but there has never been a time that was not for pearls. The Pearl is also Earth’s most sustainably sourced gem. 

One way to send a particularly meaningful holiday message is to make it personal. According to Peggy Grosz, Senior Vice President of Assael, “One reason pearls are having such an important moment in fashion history right now is that pearls are personal.  We can choose the type of pearl, the color of pearl or the shape of pearl that we love most or that look best on us. Pearls are the ideal gem for self-expression.  And now more than ever, people value sentiment, things to touch and hold and make their own. Pearls are a beautiful thing to give as a gift because you can give them to the next generation and the next; especially if they’re well taken care of.”

Keep your gift personal by considering her style, her wardrobe and her personality. For timeless Akoya strands, consider the pearl size and length that will work best for her height and features. If she has an Akoya strand of pearls, consider upgrading to a magnificent South Sea gem pearl strand. Or look for a contemporary style of pearl earrings that will work well with the pearls she already adores.  Pearl rings also make an elegant addition to a fine jewelry wardrobe as they can be appreciated every time she looks down, not just when she looks in the mirror.

Understated Elegance


As our lives become more casual, with more of us working from home and embracing the pantsuit and luxury athleisure attire, bling and opulence have become dépassé. This is another reason for the pearl revolution taking the fashion world by storm. Organic and bio gem materials like pearls, coral and beaded gem necklaces and bracelets are gaining in popularity. With smooth surfaces that are soothing when stroked, pearls and coral are understated expressions of sophistication, the opposite of bling.

According to Vivienne Becker, author, jewelry historian and jewelry editor for How to Spend It (Financial Times), both pearl and coral strands are becoming more relevant. “However precious and rare these necklaces are, they are still somehow very low key, so they make a statement of style and not of wealth, which is totally in tune with today’s climate of low-key luxury.”

Pearls in particular are always appropriate. Giving the gift of pearls is one way to treat yourself or your loved ones to a significant memory they can hold forever and wear forever. For wives, sisters and friends, consider an Akoya Pearl strand and choose a length that matches the length of necklace she normally wears.

South Sea pearls are an incredible investment in your love and in your loved one’s future. She can wear and treasure them for all of life’s special occasions, imbuing her pearls with even more meaning and memories each time she does so. Pearl statement earrings and rings also become instant favorites in her jewelry box.

And no need to limit it to just the gals. Trendsetters like Harry Styles, Pharrell, Nick Jonas and Billy Porter have made wearing pearls cool for men, as well.


Color offers another way to make a lasting and beautiful memory this holiday season. The vibrant and distinctive hue of red Sardinian Coral is reminiscent of holly berries and the smiles they bring to our faces every year around this time. Color is also becoming more important in the world of Haute Couture fashion, prompting a trend toward the use of responsibly sourced precious coral in fine jewelry design. Sardinian Coral’s vivid red has an empowering effect, especially in earrings and strands. It makes a commanding first impression which will create many new memories for you or for the one-of-a-kind woman in your life. She deserves it.

And for the lady who seems to already have everything, the beyond rare beauty of precious coral is sure to make a beloved addition to her fine jewelry wardrobe. It will become her favorite signature whenever she wants to stand out from the crowd.

Whether or not your holidays are filled with gatherings of the important people in your life, memories can still be made. As a gift for yourself or someone you love, a pearl jewel will make you smile and will help you remember beautiful moments whenever you take it in your hands or put it on to wear it.

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