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Saks Vault Debut



At the recent grand opening party in the Saks Fifth Avenue flagship, Assael debuted a fabulous array of distinctive pearl and gemstone designs, offering them exclusively to Manhattan shoppers through the new Saks Vault – the premiere jewelry destination for fine jewelry and watches in New York City.  Accessed via the colorful Rem Koolhaas-designed escalator, The Vault is Saks’s beautiful new jewelry shopping experience for luxury consumers. On offer are limited-edition, one-of-a-kind fine jewelry designs, as well as elite watches, in the 10,673 square foot lower level of the iconic Saks’ Fifth Avenue store.  The Vault is also now an elegant and inviting New York retail home for Assael’s magnificent pearl and exquisite coral collections.

“As New York City’s newest destination for high fine jewelry and timepieces, The Vault takes the Saks Fifth Avenue flagship experience to the next level,” said Marc Metrick, President, Saks Fifth Avenue. “Our significant investment in creating this new space supports our commitment to further Saks’s position as the preeminent New York City luxury destination.”

According to Town & Country Editor in Chief Stellene Volandes “The legendary department store is on the road to jewelry dominance with the opening of The Vault, a new space for jewelry lovers and shoppers alike.”  The expansive lower-level environment makes it feel like a unique jewelry shopping destination, complete with VIP rooms for privacy and discretion.

Keeping company with internationally renowned diamond and gemstone brands such as Chanel, Boucheron and Graff, Assael has its own pearl and coral collections within The Vault. The space also includes the International Lounge, which offers a multilingual concierge service for global visitors, daily store tours and jewelry and watch repair services. A centrally located Exhibition Space will serve as an area to highlight fresh new designs, guest curators, special collaborations and more.

Peggy Grosz, VP of Development at Assael remarked that “The Vault is like nothing else in North America. A shopper can stroll through the literal world of fine jewelry, as they would luxury brand accessories such as handbags, without feeling ‘put upon’ or enclosed. It’s a beautiful destination, and we are truly honored that our magnificent pearls and gem coral are such a unique part of it.”

Set for private grand opening dinner

The Vault at Saks Fifth Avenue set for private grand opening dinner, Assael Large Baroque Pearl Necklace with Lavender Spinel

Along with the esteemed Saks fine jewelry team, Assael has curated an elite assortment of precious coral and luxury pearl designs. Ranging from exotic conch pearls to beyond rare Angel Skin Coral and new color gemstone and pearl combinations, the Assael jewelry on display at The Vault is worthy of a visit. Says Grosz, “For 50 years, Assael has been the leader in gem quality pearls and now coral, with an increasing commitment to showing the fabulous design possibilities that exist with these gems. It seems fitting for Assael to have a home here in the City and that it be in such an auspicious location, with such a legendary and committed partner as Saks.”

Assael “Melo Passion”

Center – Assael “Melo Passion” Natural Pearl, Ruby and Diamond Earrings featured at The Vault at Saks Fifth Avenue

Whenever travel takes you to Midtown Manhattan, be sure to stop by The Vault at 611 Fifth Avenue between 49th & 50th Streets.  For more details or for some virtual window shopping, click here.   For those Obsessed by Pearls, it won’t be a disappointing experience.

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