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Making Mom Feel Magnificent: Mothers Day Gift Ideas 2019

Mother’s Day is just around the corner—the one time of year that moms permit themselves to be spoiled rotten.  In this era of female empowerment, let’s make Mom’s whole year, not just her day, with magnificent pearls and exquisite coral.  Mom deserves lasting luxury, a special thank you for her sacrifices, her love and her pampering. Empower her to feel special whenever she wants by adorning herself with the gift of your love. Be thoughtful and choose the perfect expression of your appreciation based on her personality and her own unique sense of style.

Feminine Chic for the Ladylike Mom

Is your Mom the royalty of the family, impeccably dressed and filled with effortless grace, like a princess, duchess or socialite? The demure Mom is typically refined with tailored attire, dresses as opposed to pants and always flawless manners. For her, try a feminine chic approach. Assael’s Angel Skin Coral, like Mom, is extremely rare and precious.  It has a beautiful range of subtle pink and salmon hues which compliment any skin tone. The Angel Skin Coral drop earrings add a halo of radiance to her doting smile. Morganite is another lady like gem. Assael’s Contemporary Round Pearl & Morganite Rope necklace adds a dramatic length of luxury that is wearable with sweaters, sheaths, silks and more. And these Natural Conch Pearls from Assael are ultraluxe pink treasures, set into a ring or earrings with diamonds and platinum to adorn her graceful fingers or lobes. The conch pearl is almost as rare as she is! And if your mom prefers the allure of slightly darker pearls, Assael’s Tahitian Pearl and Trillion Morganite earrings are perfect for high collars or ruffled blouses, and they wear well with short hairstyles, romantic braids or updos.

Power Pearls for your SHero

Is your Mom the head of the household and the company business? The chair of any charity event or committee leader at the PTA and Little League? Or the one who always saves the day when grandpa falls or teenage hearts get broken? Mom is her very own kind of hero and often our lifesaver in times of great distress. Today, we call her a ‘SHero’ and she deserves a symbol of our love and admiration as strong as she is. Power Pearls are making headlines and are perfect for Moms who redefine leadership every single day. The Assael Trilogy Akoya Ring creates a conversation any time she waves her hand or signs up to be the next Girl Scout troop master.  This Assael Double Row Tahitian Pearl Necklace has a hand-carved Lavender Jadeite Clasp almost as big as her generous heart. Another strong fashion statement for moms with stature and elegance is the classic brooch. Assael’s FanFare Brooch makes a powerful statement on the lapel of her favorite blazer, jacket or coat, or for the really daring diva, she can wear it in the hair!  Check out our recent post about pearls in the hair this spring.  And if mom is always on the go, consider long sleek drop earrings that always move with her. The Tahitian pearl earrings with Amethyst and Lavender Spinel are perfect for moms in motion.

Creative Expressions for Colorful Moms

Maybe your Mom is the fun one, the life of the party, the performer, artist or craft queen? Her soul thrives on color and blossoms with creativity.  Try a color-coordinated approach that will fill her eyes with joy.  For blondes, sun-kissed beach lovers and those with darker complexions, opt for the shimmering radiance of Golden Keshi pearls. Keshi pearls are all natural, made up of nothing but pure nacre, so there is nothing to block their reflection of light.  They are absolutely luminous with exceedingly high luster. Assael pairs them with small sparkling diamonds that dance across her skin and draw attention to her true inner beauty.  For the redheads or auburn moms, Assael’s Fire on Ice Earrings or Five Row Bracelet feature the intoxicating red of Natural Sardinian Coral that pairs well with her lovely locks, making her stand out from the crowd. And for the artsy mom who has everything, she has never seen  anything quite like Assael’s Tahitian Pearl and Bi Color Tourmaline Earrings.  These conversation starters use the unique colors of the rare gems to coax the natural color from the pearls. They are sure to become one of her all-time favorite Mother’s Day gifts.

And don’t forget the moms-to-be and new moms.  If you really want her to feel magnificent, avoid the obvious and practical gifts like diaper bags and stroller gear. These sleep deprived beauties need Akoya Essentials.  Nothing spruces up a ponytail or mom bun like the luster of Akoya stud earrings. Today’s It Girls are all wearing pearls, taking their cues from Vogue, who is now calling them “Cool Girl Pearls.” Pearl earrings are the quick easy way to go from drab to fab in a matter of minutes.  Make your mom feel truly treasured with the perfect selection of pearls or natural exquisite coral—she is sure to feel magnificent and not just on Mother’s Day.

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