Assael bracelets featured by world renowned influencer Katerina Perez

Katerina Perez experienced the most magnificent pearls in the world first-hand at the recent Couture Jewelry Show in Las Vegas. Her beautiful hands and wrists were the perfect canvas for showcasing these luminous Akoya pearl bracelets. To quote the expert “Pearls were once considered ‘grandma’s jewellery’, however that all has drastically changed within the last decade. Jewellery designers have begun to introducing more and more daring takes on pearl designs… (like this) refined choice of multi-row pearl bracelets. The precision required to discover and cultivate this many pearls which match one another so perfectly makes these large bracelets a testament to the brand (and its) long and important tradition in working with pearls. … Each bracelet boasts 160 pearls across 8 rows, accentuated with 123 diamonds.”

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