Why Pearls for Valentine’s Day

No matter who you shop for to celebrate Valentines – your romantic partner, spouse, best friend, or yourself – fine pearl jewelry offers magnificent options. Pearls make a most memorable gift. Personal, sustainable, and versatile, pearls are the responsible and meaningful choice. Here, we explore why pearls are the perfect gift for Valentine’s Day.

Pearls are a highly Personal & very Memorable gift

Clockwise from upper left – Assael Lavande II Tahitian Pearl and Amethyst Earrings, J Song Way NYFW, Assael Golden South Sea Pearl, Imperial Topaz and Agate Earrings, model wearing Akoya Pearl strand, Assael Detachable Tahitian Pearl and Bi-Color Tourmaline Earrings, @saksfifthavenue South Sea and Akoya Pearl Necklace and Earrings from the Bubble Collection by Sean Gilson for Assael 

Pearls have always been a romantic jewelry choice, similar to diamonds, as an iconic expression of love. The difference is that diamonds are all about the stone – its impressive size, its shape, or its brilliance. Pearls, on the other hand, are all about the wearer. The soft, subtle glow of the pearls’ luster enhances the beauty of the woman, brightening her skin in a warm and inviting way. As Peggy Grosz, Senior Vice President of Assael often says, “Diamonds are about showing off the stone, but pearls are about showing off the person.” Their ability to flatter and their connections to significant life moments are why pearls are a highly memorable gift. Every woman can tell you when and where she received her first gift of pearls, and we often have significant occasions or memories associated with wearing the pearls.

Pearls are the most personal gem. As the only gem always worn in its natural state, no faceting or polishing required – pearls are naturally perfect. And no two pearls are alike. The colors, shapes, and sizes of pearls span a wide variety of options, allowing infinite personalization. Because different pearls appeal to different people, each of these factors can be selected to create the perfect pearl strand or the ideal pair of pearl earrings. The goal is to create a piece of jewelry that represents the unique style and preferences of the person wearing it.

The act of buying pearls can be a fun and thoughtful process as you try on different lengths of strands or consider different sizes and colors. If possible, bring the person you are shopping for with you to gauge preferences and select the best options. If your gift is a surprise, work with an experienced professional in a trusted fine jewelry store and be prepared to discuss the style and personality of the person you are buying for.

Pearls are a Sustainable & Responsible gift

Clockwise from upper left – Assael Tahitian Pearl and Barion-Cut Green Garnet Ring, J Hunter Fiji Pearls pearl farming, Assael Green Fijian Pearl Necklace, Assael South Sea Pearl and Paisley Aquamarine Earrings, Assael Tahitian Pearl and Pink Tourmaline Earrings 

The very first jewel ever set into a piece of fine jewelry, the pure, pristine pearl became the gem most highly prized by generations of royalty throughout history. It also happens to be the most sustainable, earth-friendly gem. For saltwater pearls to grow and thrive, they need healthy oceans and clean ocean water. “Pearls just may be the most sustainable gems in the world,” according to a feature article in Departures in June 2018. “You see, oysters need pristine water conditions to produce high-quality pearls. Any decline in water quality directly impacts oyster health, resulting in poorer pearl quality … Thus, pearl farmers are naturally also sea stewards, in order to protect their investment.”

As part of the pearl cultivation process, the oysters are kept in nets so they can live safely in the ocean and be carefully tended while the gem pearls grow. Pearl farmers regularly clean the oysters to remove encrusted barnacles or debris. For more on how pearl farmers protect the ocean, click here.

Giving a gift of fine saltwater pearls is a naturally sustainable choice. When purchased from a highly respected and responsible pearl company like Assael, pearls can be worn or gifted guilt-free. In fact, purchasing fine saltwater pearls is actually a mutually beneficial way to support pearl farmers that are involved in actively cleaning and maintaining our beloved oceans. Mrs. Assael always believed strongly in ocean conservation. “If you are going to live from the treasures of the sea, you must take care of it, protect it, sustain it,” she said.

Pearls are a Versatile and Fashionable gift that keeps on giving

Clockwise from upper left – Penelope Cruz at the Venice International Film Festival, Assael Baroque South Sea Pearl Necklace with Lavender Jade Brooch/Pendant, Assael Tahitian Pearl and Bi-Color Tourmaline Earrings, Bubble Pearl Hair Pin by Sean Gilson for Assael

Once a status symbol of royals and the elite, pearls continue to make headlines as powerful expressions of love. Richard Burton bought the famed “La Peregrina” pearl for Elizabeth Taylor as a Valentine gift in 1969. Ariana Grande, Michelle Williams, and Emma Stone all recently made headlines getting engaged with pearl rings. And the fashion world has enthusiastically embraced the pearl as a must-have accessory, prompting Vogue to write an entire article in 2019 entitled “Forget Diamonds: Why Pearls are the Perfect Valentine’s Day Gift.”

Just recently, InStyle published a 2022 trend piece on what Pinterest calls “Pearlcore” featuring the look of pearls in everything from jewelry to handbag straps, to belts, and shoe adornments. Pearl jewelry is indeed a very fashionable gift. Unlike faceted gemstones, pearls also have an understated elegance that makes them incredibly versatile. Pearls can be worn with everything from designer denim or a favorite sweater to a suit blazer or little black dress. They are the must-have, go-to accessory in a fine jewelry wardrobe because they are always relevant. With our increasingly casual lifestyles, pearls add a hint of sophistication and class without ever feeling over the top. No one has ever said, “oh, I can’t go to the grocery store in my pearls.”

Pearls are also perfect for layering. They play well with other types of jewelry like gold, colored gemstones, and luxury watches. This makes pearls a great gift for people who already have them. When you add more pearls, such as multiple layers of strands, extra stud ear piercings, or rings on multiple fingers, you create even more personal memories and options for self-expression. Nothing could be a more perfect gift… for any occasion.

For a wide array of pearl types and colors, visit or use our retail locator to find a store near you where you can learn more in person or try on various types of Assael pearls to see which you or your loved one would enjoy the most. Also, follow us on Instagram to be continually inspired with breathtaking new designs.

Happy Valentine’s Day!

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Clockwise from upper left – Assael Akoya Essential Strands in different lengths, Assael South Sea Pearl and Emerald-Cut Diamond Ring, Assael South Sea Pearl Classic Opera Length Strand, Assael Classic South Sea Pearl Earrings with Diamonds

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