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Trending: Power Pearls – Great Gifts for Valentine’s Day or Galentine’s

Pearls are making headlines once again as women in powerful positions wear pearls as an expression of their uniquely feminine form of strength. Royalty, executives and fashion mavens alike have made the pearl an enduring source of glamour, inspiration and power. What better gift for the Valentine or Galentine in your life than a pearl necklace or a pair of earrings, personalized by her particular style.

No matter the size or type of pearl, the right pearl strand is not only a beautiful expression of love; it is also a gift that continues to give because the pearls change the way we feel when we wear them. To place around your neck the same skin-flattering gem as royals, heroines of the big screen and women who rule nations can be very empowering.

A gift of pearls says that the giver of the gift sees and feels the beauty and the power within you.

South Sea Pearls

Clockwise from Upper Left – Assael 4-Pearl South Sea Pearl Earrings, Assael Classic South Sea Pearl Strand, Assael South Sea Pearl Drop Earrings with Diamonds, HRH the Duchess of Cambridge Kate Middleton, Assael model wearing two South Sea Pearl Strands

One reason power pearls are trending is the spotlight placed on powerful women these days. First Ladies have worn pearls for decades, from Jaqueline Kennedy Onassis to Nancy Reagan, both Barbara and Laura Bush and Michelle Obama.  And now, Vice President Kamala Harris has turned her lifelong love of pearls into a powerful signature of her public wardrobe.

Similarly, royals of all ages, from Queen Elizabeth to the Duchess of Cambridge Kate Middleton, are rarely seen at public events without their pearls. South Sea Pearls are known for their large, impressive size. They are from the northwest coast of Australia and grow in the largest genus of oyster – the Pinctada Maxima. The larger mollusk allows plenty of room for large pearls to form. Thick layers of nacre—the organic crystalline substance that makes up the pearl—pave the way for a deep and luminous luster, resulting in a subtle glow on the South Sea White’s surface.

For a bold and beautiful woman with striking features and a commanding presence, South Sea Pearls make a perfect gift. They reflect her beauty and affirm her worth.

Akoya Pearls

Clockwise from Upper Left – Assael Essentials Akoya Stud Earrings in Yellow Gold, Zoë Kravitz at SAG Awards 2020, ASAP Rocky in Pearls, Luisa-Céline Gaffron at Venice Film Festival Sept 2020, Assael Akoya Pearl and Diamond Stud Earrings, Assael Essentials Akoya Pearl Necklace available in many sizes and lengths

For some occasions and some personalities, the smaller and highly lustrous Akoya Pearl could be a great option. A graduated Akoya pearl choker necklace or a pair of high quality Akoya pearl stud earrings is a welcome addition to any wardrobe. They are always appropriate. From the red carpet (see Zoë Kravitz above) or worn with designer denim, these pearls are a comfortable extension of the skin, and they look great on all skin types.

Akoya oysters, which grow in the waters off the coasts of Japan, have distinctive lustrous nacre due to the region’s cold temperatures. These striking, mostly white pearls have a high-gloss finish and continue to be a staple accessory with almost every outfit.

Oh, and they’re not just for the ladies. This gender fluid gem has lately become popular among men, as well, with celebrities like Harry Styles, Shawn Mendes, ASAP Rocky, Nick Jonas, Marc Jacobs and Pharrell all taking their turn in the limelight wearing pearl necklaces of late.

Tahitian Pearls

For the pearl addicts who may already have white South Sea Pearls or Akoya Pearls, the deep and colorful darkness of Tahitian Pearls make a surprising and delightful addition to her fine jewelry wardrobe. Leading ladies from Angelina Jolie and Sharon Stone to Katherine Heigl have been known to wear these alluring dark pearls for red carpet appearances. And powerful female executives at Fortune 500 companies like Ingredion CEO Ilene Gordon and Federal Reserve Chair Janet Yellen are regularly seen wearing luscious strands of Tahitian Pearls.

The most intriguing thing about Tahitian Pearls is their wide array of colors. Tahitian Natural Color Cultured Pearls range from light gray to midnight black. They often display overtones of pistachio, aubergine and peacock blue, a mesmerizing kaleidoscope of light and color. They grow in the Pinctada Margaritifera oyster in the Pacific waters of French Polynesia, their product as exotic and beautiful as their place of origin.

So, if your favorite pearl fan could use a boost to her power wardrobe, consider a choker length large Tahitian Pearl strand. Or if she likes longer necklaces, smaller Tahitian pearls or organic shapes of Tahitian Baroque Pearls will easily become her new basic black.

When buying earrings for Tahitian Pearl lovers, try to match the quality and color of their Tahitian pearl strand.

Golden South Sea Pearls

Clockwise from Upper Left – Assael Golden Keshi South Sea Pearl Earrings, Assael Fancy Yellow Diamond and Golden South Sea Pearl Earrings, Sofia Vergara, Rio Summers, Assael Golden South Sea Pearl Earrings with Green and Gold Sapphire Petals, Assael Classic Golden South Sea Cultured Pearl Necklace

Last, but definitely not least, Golden South Sea Pearls are a ray of sunshine that shine their light on the skin to warm up the smile of those who wear them and those who look upon them.  Perfect for women of all ages, Golden Pearls tend to be preferred by women who love yellow metals. So, if your Valentine or BFF is a gold lover and a pearl lover, opt for the rare warmth and glow of Golden South Seas.

Hailing from Indonesia, South Sea Golden Pearls come from hotter, more southern waters than their South Sea White Pearl counterparts. They have a deep luminosity that exudes warmth and sophistication.  If your Valentine/Galentine already has choker length pearls, consider a longer strand of rare Golden Keshi Pearls or pearl drop earrings, little orbs of sunshine to dangle next to her convivial smile.

To see more options or shop for pearl jewelry of all types, visit where you can also find a retailer near you to explore each type Assael pearl for yourself.

Make this Valentine’s Day not only meaningful but POWERFUL, as only power pearls can.


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