Keshi Craze Golden Collage

Keshi Pearl Craze – For the Love of Luster

Summer is here and with it comes our favorite summer brights, including all-white ensembles, shimmery fabrics, mirrored sunglasses, pastel or print mini and midi dresses, colorful toenails and more. The perfect accessory for such lively summer style is Keshi Pearls. Because they are made up of the precious material of pure nacre, these pearls are highly prized for their extraordinary luster and their beautiful organic shapes. From lustrous strands to button earrings, Assael has Keshis that both dazzle and delight.

Keshi Couture

Keshi Couture collage

Clockwise L to R – Assael “Aurora” bracelet featuring South Sea Keshi and Baroque Cultured Pearls and diamonds, Braids on the Gyunel Runway at London Fashion Week, Fashion Week Australia 2019 weekend edition, @zimmerman ruffle dress featured on @modaoperandi, Assael Keshi Pearl and Aquamarine earrings, Catherine Hammel – Oslo BackStage SS19.

Obsessed by Pearls fans will remember the Keshi Couture post from last summer explaining the primary three reasons that Keshi Pearls are so luxurious. They are all-natural, consisting only of nacre; they are extremely lustrous; and they have organic shapes that vary from one to the next. Each one is truly one of a kind. Keshis form with no nucleus, so they are nothing but nacre, the pristine precious substance that makes up a pearl. For this reason, Keshi Pearls literally glisten in the light, and their luster is highly sought after. They add a special aura of radiance to the skin, brightening up smiles when worn in choker-length necklaces or button earrings. 

Summer is the season of the earring! With so many ponytails, beach hats and braids, earrings become a statement maker during the long hot days of summer. Be sure to wear your pearl earrings close to the face for maximum charm, and feel free to go bigger, covering the entire lobe. White Keshis provide an elegant way to accessorize your beloved, all-white summer outifts. 

Keshi Pearls with a Splash of Color

Keshi Craze Color Collage

Clockwise L to R – Assael Sun & Moon floral earrings featuring golden beryl and blue sapphires with Golden Keshi Pearls, @katerinaperez wearing both earrings on one lobe, Meltem Ozbek – Istanbul Fashion Week March 2019, @cultgaia, Assael Keshi Fiji Pearl Necklace and Baroque Pearl Necklace, Assael Keshi Pearl and Morganite Floral Earrings, Australia Fashion Week 2019 Weekend Edition

As temperatures go up, pants and hemlines get shorter and the variety of fashion colors also gets broader. With what little fabric there is in the ‘80s mini dresses and midriff knit tanks that top the trends for summer 2019, more vibrant colors come into play. Hot colors for the season include bright pinks and oranges like Pantone’s Living Coral, Fiesta and Turmeric, along with royal blue and earthy greens. These lively hues pair perfectly with sparkling gemstones like Aquamarine and Morganite or a unique sun/moon combination of Golden Beryl and Blue Sapphires. The gems complement the fabrics and the pearls, enhancing the overall look.  

BTW, Harper’s Bazaar says a hair tie is a “must” for summer 2019, adding a tip to “make it extra.” Hair ties help keep long locks away from the face – all the more reason to show off your spectacular Keshi Pearl earrings.

Golden Glow

For sun lovers who indulge in a wonderful summer tan, check out Golden Keshis. The warmth of the hues and the radiant luster in Indonesian Golden Keshi Pearls really stand out when worn on darker or warmer skin tones. The intensely golden Keshi Pearls from Indonesia are exceptional and valuable. There are fewer pearl farms off the coast of Indonesia, so there are fewer Golden Pearls in general, meaning that these natural Keshis are even more rare. Assael selects only the very best, and the high quality, deeply golden colors are exceedingly rare. 

Long strands of Golden Keshis are perfect for sheer summer fabrics or open necklines like halter dresses, strapless tops and one-shoulder blouses. Loop them once around the neck like a choker and let the rest hang low to sway with your loose-fitting, warm-weather clothing. Golden Keshi Pearl earrings pop against the neck and jawline when worn with romantic braids and updos.

Wherever your summer adventures take you, be sure to bring along the exotic and organic beauty of Keshi Pearls. They’ll add just the right touch of sophistication to your casual looks and liven up those cocktail frocks or special event dresses. And like each and every Keshi Pearl, you’ll be one-of-a-kind, too!

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