What Are Keshi Pearls & How to Wear Them

Of the many types of pearls, the brightest luster comes from the Keshi Pearl. Beloved for their organic silhouettes and their incredibly high luster, Keshi Pearls are often used by jewelry designers to make unusual, one-of-a-kind pieces that stand out from the crowd and become wearable expressions of one’s individuality.  Keshis also create distinctive strands for the pearl lover who needs the occasional statement piece in her fine jewelry wardrobe.

Keshi Pearls – Highest Luster of All

Clockwise from Upper Left – 2 Multi-color Golden Keshi South Sea Pearl necklaces from Assael, Assael Tahitian Keshi Pearl earrings, Keshi Pearls on an oyster shell, Assael Golden Keshi South Sea Pearl earrings


Keshi Pearls are nothing but nacre. Because Keshi Pearls do not form around a nucleus, they consist of only pure nacre. (Learn what a nucleus is by clicking here.)  For this reason, Keshi Pearls have the very highest luster. There is nothing inside to block the reflection of light, and that beautiful glow of Keshi luster is remarkable and almost breathtaking.

Keshi Pearls are highly prized and very valuable because of their remarkable luster. Since they are purely precious material, they are sold by weight like a gemstone. When collected and designed into a magnificent strand or a wearable work of art as jewelry, they become even more valuable.

Keshi Pearls – How They Form

Variety of loose Keshi Pearls, Top Center & Right – South Sea Keshi Pearls, Lower right – Golden South Sea Keshi Pearls, Bottom Left – Tahitian Keshi Pearls

Keshis form naturally during pearl cultivation and can form in any type of nacreous pearl. (Not sure what a nacreous pearl is? Click here.) When a cultured pearl is developing inside an oyster, sometimes the mollusk secretes more nacre than necessary. Nacre is that precious, lustrous substance that makes up a pearl. The excess nacre deposits on the lip of the oyster and, over time, becomes a Keshi Pearl. Because they develop in such a natural process, Keshis always have organic shapes. Some are long and thin. Others are compact and intricate. All are beautiful.

How to Wear Keshi Pearls

Clockwise from Upper Left – Chanel Metiers D’Art Paris 2020, Assael Baroque Fiji Pearl Necklace and Keshi Fiji Pearl Necklace, Model wearing layers of Assael Keshi, Fiji and Baroque Pearl Necklaces

Given their unique organic shapes and amazing luster, Keshi Pearls are the most unique type of pearl, making them perfect for expressing individuality.  Strands, in various sizes and shapes of keshis, can be worn like long chain necklaces but with lustrous pearls instead of links. They can be layered with other types of pearls or worn as statement necklaces when the size or design commands.

A strand of colorful Keshis can also add drama and excitement to neutral or solid color fabrics or to wardrobe basics like sweaters, suits and turtlenecks. Designer Keshi earrings can add a hint of sophistication to any ensemble.

No matter how you choose to wear Keshi Pearls, their extraordinary luster is sure to reflect a luminous glow upon your skin. Try them on when shopping, so you can select the color that works best with your skin tone. Bring them out of the jewelry box whenever you need that little ego boost that compliments always bring… because you will certainly get some whenever you wear Keshi Pearls!

Feature image at top, Clockwise from Upper Left – Assael Keshi Pearl and Aquamarine Flower Earrings, Assael Keshi Pearl and Morganite Flower Earrings, Katerina Perez wearing Assael Sun/Moon earrings with Golden Keshi Pearls, Blue Sapphires and Golden Beryl


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