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Spring Splurge – 3 Quick, Easy Ways to Bid Winter Blues Adieu!

As the days begin to lengthen and the earth launches its annual process of self-renewal, perhaps we should take a cue from Mother Nature and find ways to re-invent ourselves.  Let’s get inspired and recreate ourselves both emotionally and physically.  Here are three quick, easy ways to make spring a personal thing and blossom from the inside out.

New Spring ‘Do 

Left – @simonerocha, Right – A Detacher, Nihan Peker, Ennyluap – all S/S 2018

Spring is all about shedding the dust of hibernation and leaving behind those puffy coats, scarves, boots and hats.  Now that we can see and be seen, let’s start looking up. Experiment with a new spring hairdo.  Glamour magazine touts 31 phenomenal hairstyles from the spring 2018 runway shows in NY/Paris/London/Milan – pick one and give it a try.  Pair it with your favorite earrings to feel fresher, newer, freer to express yourself more fully.  Romantic soft buns are great for long dangling earrings or the side plait is perfect  for statement earrings.  Clip your hair back with a pearl-studded barrette so you can show off your most luminous pearl strands or earrings – no need to wait for a special occasion.  

Refund Reward – Invest in You

Bottom right – Angelina Jolie

What better time to treat yourself than when you get that long-awaited tax refund!  Reward yourself for surviving the winter doldrums.  Splurge on a smart treat that you can feel free to brag about. Avoid the allure of the latest fad or techno gadget. You deserve more for your hard-earned money.  Invest it wisely in the perfect pair of earrings or a gorgeous strand of gem coral. Unlike shoes, bags or smart phones, precious jewelry retains its value over time.  And it gives you simultaneously an instant face lift from its natural radiance, as well as a lifetime of pleasure for every photo opp and special occasion you’ll wear it to. Want to love it even more? Get a ring or a bracelet that you can actually see without a mirror! 

Sunny Style 

Top – Olivia Holt; Mid – Ulla Johnson NYFW SS18; Right – Arta Dobroshi at Cannes 2018

Nothing puts spring into your step quite so literally as a new pair of sandals! In New York City, we wait for months to break out our open-toe shoes and then, there’s no going back, not till we ‘fall back’ into our favorite boots.  And sundresses just feel like a welcome mat for all that summer has to offer – ice cream, beach days, road trips. Pick up a new sundress and watch how soon you start making plans to wear it. Try an off shoulder, pastel or a sheer fabric – so many styles to choose from this year. The instant you bring it home, everything starts to feel a little bit warmer.  Be sure to pair it with the perfect accessories for a memorable and lasting impression.

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