For the Love of Mom

She packs her kids’ lunches, patches up skinned knees, stays up late to help them study, and has tissues and a hug at the ready when her daughter’s first relationship falls apart. She’s your wife, best friend, and the ultimate mother and No. 1 fan of both you and the kids. So, as Mother’s Day approaches, express how much she means to you with a gift as precious as she is. Here are some pieces that could fit fabulously into the unique mom lifestyle of her choosing.

For the Soccer Mom

She’s on the sidelines cheering for her son at every game and has the family minivan loaded up with enough juice boxes and treats to nourish 10 teams, let alone one. And when the match ends—win or lose—she takes the team out for pizza. She hustles to make their childhoods memorable, making parenting look easy (though it’s anything but). For this on-the-go mom, a pair of akoya pearl stud earrings or a pendant necklace will help punch up her athletic style without hampering her hustle.

For the Working Professional Mom

Working Mom

She’s drafting legal documents one moment and at her kid’s high school musical the next. She also effortlessly navigates college application forms, picking up the dog from the groomer, and scooping up her oldest from the airport when he’s home for spring break. She works full time and nonstop for her family. And while her reward lies in the contentment of knowing her loved ones are cared for, your personal thank you can be something sparkly that will work perfectly with business suits, sweaters, blazers, or her favorite casual Friday ensemble. Get her a South Sea strand with morganite beads—a long, pretty piece that’ll wrap twice around her neck and multiple times around her heart.

For the Junior Leaguer

junior league mom

She’s devoted to her growing family, and you know the sacrifices she’s making. A year ago, she was closing deals and traveling abroad, and now she’s changing diapers and vacuuming up Cheerios daily. Yet somehow she manages to always look tailored and chic as she donates time to charitable causes, chairs black tie fundraisers, and more. Remind her how much you appreciate her selfless moves with a piece as precious as she is—think Angel Skin coral or exotic pink conch pearls set into a diamond ring, jewels that are easy to admire and just like her: pretty and rare.

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