Pearl Rings

6 Best-Sellers for the Pearl Obsessed on Your Gift List

As the days get shorter, we start the inevitable countdown to the holiday season.  Whether you are shopping for pearl lovers or want to add some luminosity to your own wish list, we’ve gathered the best-sellers of pearl jewelry pieces across various categories for your perusal. Which do you love best?

DROP Earrings

Hollywood red carpets have been full of dramatic and striking drop earrings recently. No wonder we’ve seen an increase in interest in our fabulous pearl and coral earring drops.  With so many colorful and radiant options to choose from – Baroque or round pearls, colorful coral or enduring Akoya pearls or Tahitian black pearls, it will be tough to pick a favorite.

HOOP Earrings

For the less adventurous or more tailored, chic ladies on your list, these pearl hoops from the Assael Essentials collection are a must-have! They never fail to impress with a white button-up shirt, business suit or little black dress. And they make a perfectly modern complement to your favorite pearl necklace.

Funky Fun Rings

Rings are a great gift and an awesome way to show your love every day because the woman who wears the ring actually gets to see it every time she uses her hands, a constant reminder of your love and affection.
Pearl Rings
At Assael, our new Bubbles by Sean Gilson collection is creating all kinds of excitement, as well as our super fun pearl and diamond rings.  Wear these funky, fun rings in non-traditional ways like on your pointer finger.  These are not your grandma’s pearls!

Assael Multi-Strand Pearl and Coral Necklaces

Multi-Strand Necklaces

With pearls, the old saying “the more the merrier” could not be more accurate.  The radiant luminosity of pearls is eye-catching and alluring, reflecting lots of light and life up to the face.  Plus the tactical sensation of holding pearls, stroking them and loving every moment that you wear them makes the multi-strand pearl necklace a big favorite.  At Assael, our multi-strand pearl necklaces offer various lengths to achieve a wonderfully layered look.



Pearl Pendants

The best-selling price point for pearls has always been the single stunning pearl pendant. Fabulous for shoppers on a budget that still want to give a gift that will stand the test of time. Simple, chic and perfect for everyday wear, the pearl pendant necklace never goes out of style.

Wrist Statements

With all the fabulous collars, beading and ruching in fabrics, blouses and dresses these days, accessorizing is becoming more and more about the wrist.  The strategy is simple – go big to make a bold and lasting statement!  The caged pearls in our Akoya collection are absolutely striking, set in 18K high polish yellow gold.  These best sellers also make for luxury fidget spinners as the pearls literally move inside their cages, giving you many hours of delight and starting many a fun conversation.

And despite the popular meme of orange, the truth is RED is “the new black” in fashion these days.  Our exquisite multi-strand coral bracelet has recently shot to the top of everyone’s wish list. Set in 18K yellow gold with pavé diamonds, the bracelet is stunning in a quiet and admirable way. It dresses up any outfit in your wardrobe, from designer denim to power suits.


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