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Baroque South Sea Pearls & How to Wear Them

Of all the magnificent pearls that the house of Assael offers (Akoyas, Conch Pearls, Melo Melo, etc.), possibly the most intriguing and the most versatile is the Baroque South Sea Pearl. Baroque Pearls are irregularly shaped or “imperfect” pearls, and they come in almost all varieties of South Sea pearls – White or Champagne South Sea, Tahitian, Golden, etc. Their organic beauty captivates the attention, each unique shape more alluring than the next. For an in-depth look at what baroque pearls are, visit our previous post Imperfect Pearls are Perfectly Stunning. But for now, let’s focus on why we love Baroque South Sea pearls of every color and how best to wear them.

Baroque Pearls – Naturally Unique Shapes Allow Greater Versatility

Tahitian baroque pearls, baroque South Sea Pearls

Clockwise from Top – Assael Baroque Pearl Drop Earrings with an Unusual Cut of ‘Rose de France’ Amethysts, Tahitian Baroque Pearl Drop Earrings, Celine Runway Paris Fashion Week, Long Assael Baroque South Sea Pearl Necklace from the Neiman Marcus Book, Assael Diamond and Baroque Pearl Drop Earrings from @NeimanMarcus, Assael Magnificent South Sea Baroque Pearl Earrings, Assael Extraordinary Baroque Pearl Stud Earrings

South Sea pearls are the largest of all pearls because the genus of oyster in the South Seas is much larger in size, allowing the pearl more room to grow. Baroque South Sea pearls are the ones that grow in non-round or unpredictable shapes. These organic shapes create beautiful natural curves that allow light to be reflected in a variety of directions, giving the pearl’s luster a multicolored palette. The variety of shapes and the many hues of South Sea Baroque Pearls make them appear less formal and more fashion-forward, while never losing that air of sophistication that is always associated with high-quality pearls.

With baroques pearls, no matter how rare or valuable, no formal occasion is required – they can be worn everyday with casual-chic attire, designer denim, blazers or the ubiquitous L.B.D. And not just White South Sea Pearls. The darker colors of Tahitian Baroque Pearls are especially alluring, adding a rebellious beauty to even your most staid suits or classic sweaters. In earrings, stick with button styles for shorter face shapes and drops or dangles for longer face shapes. For those wanting an extra pop of pizzazz, wear an opera-length baroque pearl strand. You can enhance the beauty of your pearls by stroking them as you wear them, because the oil in your fingertips will polish them every time you show them some love.

En Vogue – Baroque Pearls Are Back in Fashion

Baroque south sea pearls, large baroque pearl pendant

Clockwise from Upper Left – Dolce & Gabana Runway Milan Fashion Week, Style Guru @lklevinson, Assael Large South Sea Baroque Pearl Pendant on Silk Cord, Alexander McQueen Runway Paris Fashion Week, Assael Baroque Tahitian Pearls, Assael South Sea Baroque Pearl Ring

According to Vogue Italia, baroque pearls are back in fashion in a big way as of last year. Citing top-trending designers like Alexander McQueen, Erdem, Simone Rocha and Prabal Gurung, the fashion editor showcases the prevalence of the trend on runways. “Not just varied and irregular shapes, but a true ‘pearl-mania’ … revisited with a contemporary twist, through the success of streetstyle.” Baroque pearls are now a required wardrobe necessity for ‘It Girls.’ A large baroque pearl pendant can sway from a long cord to form a chic necklace, or unusually shaped baroques are presented in bold cocktail rings that make for eye-catching conversation starters. Wear the pendant with solid color blouses or fabrics and try the ring with your colorful prints, but wear it on the pointer finger. Either or both styles can be enjoyed every time you look down.

Size Matters – Baroques Are Statement Makers

baroque south sea pearls, south sea keshi pearls, south sea baroque pearl

Clockwise from Upper Left – @sonyarykiel, @sonyarykiel, Assael Treillage South Sea Keshi Pearl Cuff, Large Assael South Sea Baroque Pearl and Lavender Spinel Choker, Assael South Sea Baroque Pearl Necklace in Elite Traveler

The impressive size of South Sea pearls, especially the baroques, inspire the most intriguing designs. Large choker necklaces make strong statements that rival the regal treasures of queens and empresses alike. Pearl cuffs and bangles are also solid, powerful statement-makers that make you smile every time you look down and notice their spectacular luster. The pearl choker used to be reserved for mature matrons, but now young women everywhere are embracing “cool girl pearls” (Vogue) for a bold and dynamic look that speaks volumes about self-worth. For a truly cutting-edge approach, follow the tips from our contributing stylists here. We particularly love celeb stylist Tiffany Gifford’s idea to mix pearls with an edgy look, combining the softness of pearls with a metal stud jacket or a leather pantsuit.

Whether you embrace South Sea Baroque Pearls for their status, color, versatility or size, there are many ways to wear them beautifully. Have fun experimenting and check back here occasionally to see all the new baroque pearl designs Assael continues to create.

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