NEW YORK, NY (September, 2017) – Assael, North America's foremost purveyor of gem quality pearls, now adds precious Sardinian coral to its collection, with all-new jewelry that perfectly complements the major fashion trends for Fall/Winter 2017. As a proud member of the CIBJO (World Jewellery Confederation) Coral Commission, Assael's coral is unenhanced by man, with no colored wax or additives. The Beyond Rare red coral collection features over two dozen new styles in necklaces, earrings and bracelets, ranging in price from $3,500 to $450,000+. The collection is available in the U.S. at select Neiman Marcus locations, along with exclusive independent jewelry retailers around the country. Precious red coral has been used as adornment since the ancient Egyptians, but it is currently more relevant than ever due to its intense and fiery coloration. This season, the runways in New York, Paris and Milan featured a wide variety of colorful fabrics and sumptuous styles that call for bold, chic, solid color accessories, red being the stand-out favorite. The single tone purity and tailored designs of Assael's ethically sourced Sardinian coral add a touch of elegance and simplicity to offset Fall's dramatic folk prints, pant suits and radiant red ensembles. "As the fashion world embraces fun, colorful fabrics, jewelry naturally becomes more streamlined, sophisticated," says CEO Christina Lang Assael. "Assael has an unsurpassed collection of the biggest, the most magnificent pieces of Mediterranean coral available today. The consistency of that luscious, deep red tone provides a warm and wonderful way for women to accent their wardrobe, remaining relevant and on-trend, while ensuring ultimate quality and enduring value."


In the spirit of multi-culturalism, fashion designers like Alexander McQueen and Dolce & Gabbana paid homage to the heritage of folklore and crafts with quilting, patchwork designs, even feathers. The solid hue of Assael's red coral strands offsets the flamboyance in these funky fabrics and pairs well with a chic leather jacket or trendy quilted coat.
folk trend

(L to R: Dolce & Gabbana Fall 2017 RTW, Marin Mag Sept 2017editorial, Alexander McQueen Fall 2017 RTW)


From double denim looks at Christian Dior and the return of corduroy at Prada, pantsuits are all the rage for fall. Being covered from head to toe is cozy for colder temperatures but the look requires some fiery spice like Assael's red coral earrings to keep it fresh and feminine.

(L to R: Christian Dior Denim RTW Fall 2017, Assael earrings, Givenchy RTW Fall 2017, Hermes Fall 2017)


From all-red ensembles at Naeem Khan and wide red sashes at Oscar de la Renta to rose floral accents at Dolce & Gabbana, the hottest color for Fall 2017 is clearly red. The same applies to accessories with crimson handbags, belts and jewelry to adorn the look. The warm red tone of Assael's multi-strand coral bracelets and necklaces complement this trend, adding some eye-catching boldness mixed with understated charm.

(L to R: Naeem Khan Fall 2017 RTW, Dolce & Gabbana Fall 2017 RTW, Assael multi-strand coral bead bracelet, Oscar de la Renta Fall RTW 2017)

What distinguishes Assael Sardinian Coral, and makes it so prized, is its super-red, all-natural color, unusually large size, the consistency in both color and shape when fashioned into strands. Magnificent is… fiery! To learn more about the new collections or see additional designs, please visit

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